Here we are now in the fifth game, a game I am sure the Cavaliers were not planning on traveling to Boston again to play. It does not help either that the Warriors won the Western Conference in 12 straight games to make it to the finals. Something I suspect Cleveland was thinking especially after the first two games of this playoff. But they have no choice now but to return to Boston and try and close the conference final Thursday. At the Cavs are favorites by 10.5 points with the game total at 215.5.


The normal thing here is that Cleveland will go out to win the fifth game because they just want to rest. The finals do not start until June 1 and as we talked about before the Warriors have 9 days off. If Cleveland wins Thursday they will have an entire week to rest if not they will have to wait until Saturday the 27th.

The truth is that I was also quite shocked with the Celtics victory in Cleveland but I think that was more of a lack of concentration from the Cavs than a good game from the Celtics. Just looking at the results between these two teams I see that the last four times that the Cavaliers won it was by an average of 24 points a game, with the closest the Celts coming was 13 points. I do not think the Celtics can hang with a team like the Cavs who are eager to rest for a week. The Cavs will make things very clear this Thursday and make sure of their week off. Cleveland -10.5 & 1.98.

I also do not think it will be a bad idea to look at the game total of 215 points. This may not be many points for these two teams if Isaiah Thomas would be on the court but without him I do not think Boston will have enough fire power to exceed 100 points. Total Points Under 215.5 @ 1.87

Let's enjoy this game and we have a whole week without the NBA to analyze and prepare for what should be the only decent series we will see this season!!!