Welcome to our latest infographic: Brentford – 127 years of football stats. We are proud sponsors of Brentford FC football club and have put together everything you need to know about the club from their mascots Buzz Bee and Buzzette, their top managers of all time, their performance over the last 20 years, notable players and much more. Whether you’re a die-hard Bee’s fan or you just love football, our infographic is certain to give you some facts and figures that you didn’t know about the success Brentford FC.

Brentford – 127 years of football stats

The club who are currently sitting in the English 2nd tier of football, the Championship, haven’t always been where they are now, and we go through just how much of a triumph their current position is for the club. Building their way up from the bottom league to the very top, back down and back up again, the tumultuous history of the club is one that should never be forgotten. With one of their most notable managers Harry Curtis leading the club through their Golden Era and the Terrible Twins Jim Towers and George Francis becoming the top goal scorers for the club of all time with their partnership yielding over 250 goals between them, Brentford are one of England’s true clubs with a stark history.

Based at their home ground Griffin Park, and having been founded 127 years ago the club have faced many cup titles. Having been FA cup quarter-finalists on four occasions, runners up in the Football League Trophy three times, and their most successful spell in the 1930s leading to consecutive top six finishes in the First Division, there’s a lot of stories that we venture through.

The club’s iconic kit consists of white and red stripes, with black shorts and black socks finished with white stripes for their home games, and a black top with white shorts and socks for their away kit, club kit man Bob Oteng is already looking for their design for next season.

The clubs main rivals, Fulham and Queens Park Rangers are drawn from an intensity that goes back many years in history throughout various club clashes. With a huge number of league, European and cup wins, losses and draws, the Bee’s are continuing to make history as they secure themselves in the second tier of English football after finishing ninth last season. We’re taking a look at some of the most important moments in Brentford FC’s history, as well as looking at top goal scorers, international players and much more all in our infographic.