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Away from the intensity of live betting on football at weekends, many fans will wind down with a bit of FIFA in their spare time.

EA Sports’ long-running football simulation, like many in the video game sphere, has ballooned over the last few years, growing from a casual pastime to an entire community.

eSports betting has taken off. Ultimate Team is a hobby of millions. The release of the new FIFA is a day of hype across social media as gamers serious and casual lock into their consoles for hours, sometimes even days, at a time.

There are numerous platforms for FIFA players to research and debate. One such site is SoFIFA – let’s take a look at the website which has become one of the most popular among the FIFA community.

What Is SoFIFA?

SoFIFA is a database and forum. Every player in a FIFA Career Mode is included on SoFIFA’s database from League Two journeymen to Lionel Messi, Neymar and Kylian Mbappe in Paris.

Website users can search by an array of options to find certain players. Whether looking for a low release clause, a two-footed player or a towering centre back, SoFIFA can help gamers narrow down the list.

For committed Career More players, it also includes the current and potential rating of every player on the game.

The standard screen also shows the ‘total stats’ for every player in the game. This doesn’t point to the best overalls in the game, instead it’s looking at the most well-rounded players in the latest FIFA.

As of early October, the top overall stats players in FIFA 22 are Bruno Fernandes and Leon Goretzka.

Best SoFIFA player tips

The forum or ‘discussions’, as it is referred to on the site, is a hub for fans to debate everything to do with FIFA. Of course, the discourse often breaks away from hidden career mode gems and tactics to the common internet language of trolling.

SoFIFA’s discussion boards aren’t necessarily the place to go for in-depth discussion of FIFA, though the popularity of the site speaks for itself.

SoFIFA provides much of what FIFA players want. It isn’t a live tracker for Ultimate Team prices, but it has a remarkable amount of information on every player accessible through kick-off and career mode.

The squad builder allows football fans to compile a dream FIFA team, and the use of shortlists is invaluable when embarking on a career mode.

The site is easy to use, it runs smoothly, and even if the debating isn’t for you, the information at your fingertips is well worth checking out.

Create SoFIFA Account

It’s easy to create a SoFIFA account. Using a mobile device or computer, website visitors are given the option of creating their own username and password (with an associated email address) or connecting to SoFIFA through Google, Facebook, Twitter or Disqus.

Creating a SoFIFA account also opens up other features, including the ‘create a player’ option in the database and contributing to discussions on the platform.

Signing up with an email address means it’s important to use an account that you can access if you ever need to reset your password, as is noted in SoFIFA FAQs.

Getting the most of SoFIFA requires an account. It’s an easy enough process to complete in a matter of seconds.

SoFIFA Calculator

The SoFIFA calculator allows website visitors to put in individual stats for a player. Each stat entered will alter the rating in each position.

For instance, this will show the impact of a boost to a player’s crossing and how it changes their ability to perform as a right-back or a central midfielder.

Just as sports betting calculators have grown in popularity, so has the SoFIFA calculator. It’s a fun way to tweak a custom player’s attributes before making them in the game itself.

The SoFIFA calculator can be found here.


SoFIFA is updated with all the fresh stats and player transfers around the release of a new game. Those who haven’t invested in FIFA 22 can still make use of the site, however.

At the top left of the shortlists, squads, teams and players pages, website users can select any previous edition of FIFA all the way back to 07.

Some of the best selling video games of all-time are included in that list. If you’re enjoying a throwback career mode on FIFA 12, SoFIFA is still as useful as it was in 2011.

SoFIFA 22 brings new wonderkids for career mode. It has the latest Cristiano Ronaldo stats after his move to Manchester United, and it’s a great place to pit squads against each other before deciding who to play as in kick-off or online games.

SoFIFA Career Mode

Every FIFA Career Mode should involve SoFIFA. It’s the place to unearth the best FIFA wonderkids, and it can save many hours scouting targets which are either unrealistic, too expensive or simply not up to the standard.

Beyond chasing high-upside youngsters, Career Mode managers are always looking out for bargains. Budgets are tight (with a few exceptions) meaning finding a player with a favourable release clause can be massively helpful when overhauling your squad.

How to use SoFIFA

Just as data has changed how real-life football clubs operate, FIFA Career Mode bosses are looking to find out as much as they can before making decisions in the transfer market.

No one wants to sell a teenager on the cheap if they have a high potential. Every Career Mode manager can benefit from knowing about release clauses, wages and player strengths.

Perhaps most importantly, SoFIFA can be a time saver. It’s a way to formulate transfer targets and sellable players without the grind of Career Mode scouting or reading tens of ‘advice’ articles.

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FIRST PUBLISHED: 7th October 2021

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