• For your bet to stand the relevant match has to be completed in full, other than where the outcome of your bet was determined irrevocably prior to the abandonment of the relevant match in which case your bet will be settled in accordance with the relevant outcome.
  • Unless we detail otherwise, any overtime played with respect to a match will count towards the settlement of your bet with respect to such match.
  • “Margin Betting” and “Half/Time Full Time” (as described in the General 888sport Sport Betting Rules) offers are settled according to the outcome following the close of 60 minutes play (any over time will not count). In elimination games, overtime will count with respect to your bet and, if the game is still tied after 14 minutes, the first team to lead by two points will be deemed the winner for the purposes of settlement.
  • With respect to Margin bets, the Push Rules (as described in the General 888sport Sport Betting Rules) apply unless you have the option of a tie to bet on.
  • Your bet will stand with regards to player performance in the event that all the players who are the subject of the bet offer play during the relevant tournament or match.
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