• “Novelty” bets are bets on non-sporting related events (such as regarding on politics, movies, TV programmes, and music) and sports novelties (for example player transfers and manager moves).
  • We will void your bet if we accept your bet, after the relevant event has taken place or where you are aware of the outcome prior to such outcome occurring.
  • Should a participant of a TV show take a decision to leave of their own accord or be withdrawn by producers for any reason, your bet on such participant will be settled as a losing bet (for example, where you have bet on which contestant will win a particular TV show).
  • If one or more winners are announced, we may apply on a case by case basis deductions in accordance with Rule 4 (Non Horse Racing and Non Greyhounds) (as described in the General 888sport Betting Rules) to all bets placed with respect to such winners.
  • Should the applicable event be cancelled for any reason, all bets will be void unless the outcome was already irrevocably determined prior to such cancellation and in such case your bet will be settled in accordance with the relevant outcome which has been irrevocably determined.
  • For bets on the Eurovision Song Contest, any Most Votes results are not released until after the final. Bets will be settled when official figures are released.
  • Bets on player transfers will stand only if that player signs a contract with the new club. Loan deals do not count.
  • With regards to bets placed on manager changes/moves, joint managers will be settled under the Dead Heat Rule (as described in the General 888sport Betting Rules). Any bets inadvertently accepted after a change/move has already happened will be void.
  • All bets on novelties are settled on the first known result published by the producers or by the relevant official governing association, body or organisation (as applicable). Any changes to the first result published will not be considered for bet settlement purposes.
  • Any conflict between the rules published as part of the offer on the Site, will take precedence over these rules.
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