• The first official result provided by the relevant governing association, body or organisation (as applicable) after the relevant heat or the final stage of the competition will be used to settle your bet, unless we detail otherwise.
  • Despite the bullet point above, we will settle or resettle (as applicable) your bet in the event that the relevant governing body, association or organization (as applicable) alters its original official result within 24 hours of the relevant heat or the final stage of the competition (as applicable) finishing and such change is attributable to incidents which have occurred during the relevant race or event.
  • For the avoidance of doubt, following such 24 hour period, the official result in force at such time will be considered as the final and binding result.
  • With respect to bet settlement, if a swimmer false starts and is disqualified, such swimmer is deemed to have taken part in the race.
  • Head To Head Bets: If you place a Head to Head bet, all the participants who are the subject of the bet offer must participate in the relevant game or competition for your bet to stand as long as such participants, participate from the start of the relevant match or competition, unless one of such swimmers qualifies for a later stage of the competition. The Dead Heat Rule (as described in the General 888sport Betting Rules) applies in the event of a tie.
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