This section applies to: (i) Alpine Skiing; (ii) Biathlon; (iii) Bobsleigh; (iv) Cross Country Skiing; (v) Freestyle; (vi) Luge; (vii) Nordic Combined; (viii) Skating; Short Track; (ix) Ski Jumping; (x) Snowboarding; and (xi) Speed Skating.

  • In the event that the originally stated format of the event is altered in any way (for example the distance of the event is changed or the height of the ski slope) we will void your bet.
  • If you bet on an event which is abandoned, we will settle your bet with respect to any outcome that has been irrevocably determined prior to the abandonment of the relevant event and your bet will be settled in accordance with the relevant outcome which has been irrevocably determined.
  • If the relevant association, body or organisation announces a result for an event, such result will be used by us to settle your bet (including without limitation if the relevant event is shortened or moved to a different venue or slope).
  • In respect of bets on individual events (not tournament outright winners), the event always references the next event in the calendar in the relevant sports calendar. If the event does not take place under the same rules as the original event scheduled, then all bets on such event are void. If the event doesn’t take place within 72 hours of the original scheduled time then all bets on such event are void.
Type of Bet Rules
Group Betting If a participant does not start, we may apply Tattersalls Rule 4 (Non Horse Racing and Non Greyhounds).
Head to Head
  1. If you place a Head to Head bet, all the participants who are the subject of the bet offer must start in the relevant tournament or round for your bet to stand.
  2. The foregoing does not apply to bets placed in respect of ski jumping and cross country sprint (which have different elimination stages), for which your bet will stand irrespective of whether all the participants who are the subject of the bet have completed in full the relevant final run, stage or jump (as applicable) to which your bet relates.
  3. The Dead Heat Rule (as described in the General 888sport Betting Rules) applies in the event of a tie.
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