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Horse racing betting with 888sport

Get the best Horse racing betting odds at 888sport

Online horse racing betting is the second most punted sport on the internet and there is little evidence that this trend is going to change.

With events like Cheltenham, the Grand National, the Derby and many others, even novice punters are tempted to bet on horse racing, looking to cash in at the bookies’ expense.

888sport is one of the most competitive online bookmakers to make horse racing bets with as its unique iCard tool allows a punter to see what the patented iCard software predicts the outcome to be; it’s an indispensible guide when making a horse racing bet. However, inexperienced punters can cling onto to that little extra security by looking horse racing betting tips on various online blogs or even on Twitter from the various self-proclaimed or genuine ‘experts’. Be careful though, horse racing betting tips are very subjective and you have potentially a wad of cash to lose whilst the ‘expert’ simply has a little bit of credibility.

Apart from the iCard, 888sport are offering live streaming of the race when you bet on it! Make a horse racing bet and watch the outcome live on the PC, cheer as your long shot races home to give you a big return! This makes horse betting at 888sport an even better bet!

Even punters who bet primarily on other sports are really getting into online horse racing betting in order to experience the thrill of betting on one of the most widely watched betting events in the world. For instance, on Grand National Day in April, the whole of the UK comes to a standstill as veteran and first time gamblers alike go horse betting based on perhaps, what their friend is wagering on. For that 5 and a half minutes of action UK punters are prepared to open accounts on the internet to go online horse racing betting and take that risk to win a pot of money!