IPL betting

Big Betting on the Indian Premier League

Keep an eye on the captain, and bet on the cricket team!

Indian Premier League betting is a world unto itself. The League is comprised of various cricket teams, most of which contain local Indian talent in conjunction with top players from around the globe. As in all sports settings, some teams perennially rise to the top, while other teams limp along, and at times simply fade away.

Cricket Competition

Online IPL betting is global in nature. The Indian Premier League is a wildly competitive tournament with a diamond encrusted trophy that goes to the winning team. Each team pays top salaries to their imported players. This is serious cricket, and online IPL betting reflects the fiercely fought cricket fixtures that make up the IPL tournament.

Increased Indian Premier League Betting Success

Cricket betting involves an appraisal of the team captain. Winning predictions are often based in large measure on the quick-thinking wit of the captain. Games are won and lost on the captain’s talent for appropriate on-the-spot decisions and actions. The talent of the captain plays a substantial part in determining IPL betting odds.

Betting on IPL, or on any sport for that matter, is never guaranteed. However, by becoming informed as to the captain’s history, all IPL bets can be placed more successfully. That history can be seen through the lens of final fixture results; standings, of the captain as a player and of the team as a whole; and fixture highlights.

The free bets offered by online bookmakers have simplified the process of betting on IPL. The many UK players that have been imported by Indian Premier League teams have generated great interest in the IPL bet.

Batting first is an absolute advantage. Placing a bet on the team that bats first presents a very real edge to the bettor. While IPL betting odds are an important predictor of tournament victory, equally essential is a focus on the team that is batting first. The reasoning behind such a focus is that the first batting team places the second team in a catch-up mode, which establishes a pressure cooker scenario for the team batting second. Betting on the team that is batting first can be accomplished by placing your bet after the toss.

On winning teams there will always be a standout player who is capable of winning the fixture. Doing a bit of research into the stats on the top team players will highlight the team that can most easily win the trophy. Often the top players are the imported talent that are paid a mega amount to join the team. However, when analyzing the power of that one player, always keep in mind that his cricket ability will bear fruit only if the remaining team members can adequately back him up.

The internet has enhanced the process of betting on IPL by making the sports wager convenient, comfortable and accessible. A free bet through an online bookmaker converts simple cricket betting advantages into a winning bet.