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Australia / 10:50 Albion Park2
To win
-Each Way1/5 1-2-3
Cool Hand Rose
Winsome Fever
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UK / 10:53 Harlow2
To win
-Each Way1/4 1-2
Dolph Starbeam
Fancy Fiddlestix
Finulagh Lively
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Australia / 10:54 Cannington2
To win
-Each Way1/5 1-2-3
Baby Shark
Just Wins Boss
Winlock Power
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UK / 11:01 Doncaster1
To win
-Each Way1/4 1-2
Our Collette
Tinas Turn
Millcroft Chief
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Australia / 11:04 Darwin1
To win
-Each Way1/4 1-2
Non Plussed
Angelic Blue
Rev Fred Sloy
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Online Greyhound Bet Odds

Greyhound racing has been commonplace in the United Kingdom since the 1920s. Greyhound bet is not as popular as betting on horse racing but greyhound racing is growing in popularity – particularly as availability increases across the country.

Along with the likes of Australia and the United States, the UK is one of the most prominent nations for greyhounds racing betting. One of the most entertaining sports around, you don’t need to be a greyhounds betting expert to get involved!


Greyhounds Betting online

The easiest way to bet on greyhounds racing is to back an outright winner. Most UK races will have six runners – each way greyhounds terms are usually for the top two. However, eight runner fields pay out the top three.

As is the case in horse racing betting, punters can back the forecast in greyhounds. If there are two dogs clear at the head of the market, 888sport punters can back the straight finish or reverse forecast for greyhounds racing in the UK.


Greyhound Dog Racing betting

Traps and colours go hand-in-hand in UK greyhound racing. A specific colour scheme across every greyhounds stadium helps to keep viewers focused – whether they watch greyhounds racing live daily or for the very first time.

In addition, races are classified in a similar way to horse racing. With set amounts of prize money designated for various classes of race, greyhounds betting tipsters are likely to focus predominantly on the Greyhound Derby events (£50,000) over a Minor Open Race (£150).


British Greyhounds

Betting on greyhound racing in the UK has never been easier. As of April 2020, there are 21 active greyhounds tracks, with the likes of Belle Vue Stadium, Monmore Green Stadium and Romford Stadium hosting meetings on a regular basis.

The Greyhound Derby is the biggest greyhound race series in the United Kingdom. With one race taking place in Scotland and one in England, the Greyhound Derby is the showpiece event in the sport and plenty of punters will place a bet on greyhounds for these races.


Today’s Greyhounds

888sport betting is the place to be for daily greyhounds betting odds, tips and news. With expert greyhounds writers covering the major UK races, where else would you rather be?

Find up-to-date greyhound previews and betting guides on the 888sport blog, with greyhounds racing taking place all over the world. What are you waiting for? Head over to the greyhounds blog section and get involved!

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