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Dustin Poirier vs Conor McGregor III - 10 July

The third blockbuster in an enthralling trilogy is due to take place on 10 July 2021 as Dustin Poirier faces off against Conor McGregor for the third time. A fight due to take place in the heart of the Ultimate Fighting Championship - Las Vegas.

It is expected that around 20,000 fight fans will be present to watch as the action happens - in the State of the Art T Mobile Arena. The President of the UFC finally confirmed the news on 21st April and it was met with excitement. Vegas is finally open for business.

The outcome of this fight will be huge for McGregor, after a shock defeat against the interim lightweight champion back in January in Abu Dhabi. Should he suffer another loss, it's difficult to see him moving forward, so this is definitely a career-defining moment for the Irishman. So, it's difficult to know which way it will go. With a career on the line, there is no doubt that this isn't a fight he will be prepared to lose. But can he win? He learned a lot of lessons in the last fight and will be better prepared to face the American this time - and how to get past those debilitating calf kicks that proved to be the deciding factor in the last fight. However, just as always, he goes in full of confidence.

Betting on the fight will certainly be interesting as both men will go in with their chests puffed, full of self-belief. Check out our range of betting odds for the biggest fight of the year - so even if McGregor doesn't come out a winner, you can!

Online UFC and MMA betting at 888 Sport with competitive betting odds

Punch up the excitement with UFC betting! The Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC is a mixed martial arts competition. Mixed martial arts or MMA is a type of fighting style that has become wildly popular especially for fans who want to place a UFC bet. One of the highlights of the UFC is the combination of fighting styles that can be used.

At the beginning of the UFC’s history, it was considered to be ‘barbaric’ but today the UFC is extremely popular and well received. As the popularity of the UFC increased, 888sport began offering online UFC betting with increasing alacrity. In total, about 150 UFC fixtures are held each year which gives fans ample opportunity to place UFC bets.

Betting on UFC

In order to place successful predictions on the UFC, fans need get a sufficient amount of information about the fighters who are competing. The results and standings of fighters can serve as a predictor for UFC matches. Fans can get the information they need by watching matches and reading about the fighters’ weaknesses and strengths. Fans must also understand that this sport is unpredictable and the favoured fighter does not always win. Because of the sport’s unpredictable nature, many people may believe betting is simply guesswork. However, this is simply not true especially for individuals who have done their research.

UFC Odds and Betting Types

Many UFC bets are available, including the ever-popular straight up bet. This means that fans bet on the final outcome of the match. At 888sport, fans can place a free bet on their preferred fighter. All fighters have their own odds – fighters that offer higher payouts are those that are less likely to win. Alternatively, fighters that have low payouts are those that are more likely to win.

Major Events for the UFC

There are often hundreds of UFC fights held each and every year and these fights are considered significant. These fights are so popular that 888sport allow fans to place free bets on them throughout the entire season. All UFC events are considered to be major events but championship title fights are of even greater significance.

UFC Betting Tips and Strategy

It is important to understand the sport in order to make good betting decisions. As stated previously, it is imperative that fans watch a larger number of matches in order to determine who the best fighters are. Fans can also compare the betting odds of different players in order to place the most successful bet on UFC. Fans who want to place a bet on the UFC will need to take some time to learn more about this fighting league, the records of the fighters, the skill set of fighters, the state of mind of the fighters and their injuries. When fans have all of this information, they will be able to place more successful bets.

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