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With all the latest boxing odds ready to rumble, take a virtual ringside seat for top head-to-head betting action at 888sport.

From the very first ring of the bell to the final, last-gasp right hook, we’ll guide you through all the wagering options for the most exciting bouts and events.

When it comes to boxing betting, we’re a real heavyweight proposition.


How boxing bets work online

When you bet on boxing online at 888sport, you can choose to place your wager on an upcoming fight before the bell even tolls – or get up-to-date options while the match is actually in progress.

Two of the most popular bets to place are:

  • Winner (outright) – simply put, the pugilist who comes out on top when the dust has settled. Punters can also opt to bet on whether they think the win will be achieved by knockout, technical knockout, disqualification of the opponent, or on points.
  • Rounds – back a boxer to claim victory in a specific round, or call out a period of the match which you feel they will be stronger in. Do they have the stamina to succeed?

Typically, boxing odds will be given for each potential outcome. But boxing lines can also include more than one bet, a little like different lines on the lottery.

Among these can be draws, proposition and parlay bets, which will help give you even more traction and possibilities.

In the ring, anything can (and often does) happen, which always makes this one of the most exciting sports to wager on.


Live odds for boxing

As well as pre-match odds, we also provide live boxing bets so you can have a flutter while the bout is going on. Watch the fighters circle one another, keep an eye on their shifting fortunes, and then make your decision.

  • Maybe you think one of the participants is clearly on top?
  • Perhaps the underdog who’s been on the ropes seems like he might bounce back?

Being able to bet while watching the action unfold allows you to get even more information – right down to the wire – which is why live boxing betting is continuing to grow in popularity with us.

Thanks to our convenient app, available for your tablet or mobile, it’s even easier to get involved with in-play bets wherever you are.


Boxing bet tips

If you’re a bit of a novice when it comes to betting on boxing, then there’s no need to worry – we’ve got a great introductory guide to all the basics, to help get you started.

For both newcomers to the betting ring and seasoned enthusiasts, you’ll find regular expert previews and articles on top upcoming clashes and the sport in general at the 888sport blog.

Be sure to check back to find the latest boxing odds, along with our great support, service and promotions (T&Cs apply).


How betting on boxing has changed

Boxing has been a popular sport with punters for centuries – though there was a time when you’d have to be ringside in-person, waving your paper betting slip, to get in on the action!

Fortunately, boxing has made a transition as smooth as a Tyson Fury pivot into the 21st century, thanks to the growing convenience and flexibility of online bookmakers like 888sport.

It’s now even possible to bet on a mobile wherever you are – so you can get involved from the comfort of your own home or when you’re on the move.

At 888sport we continue to stand out from the crowd, providing customers with great experience and a betting platform that’s full of possibilities. We make sure that a bet on boxing is simple to place – and straightforward to reap the rewards of, when you win.




What is a live bet in boxing?

Exactly what it says on the tin, a live boxing bet is when you make your wager while the match plays out live. You can either make one bet or several throughout the match.

The value of potential winnings for a particular outcome may increase or decrease as the boxers go head-to-head, and the odds shift in real-time. You can see how it changes – and take advantage of the latest data as each swing is made.


How do you predict the outcome of a boxing match?

There are endless possibilities in any match, so nothing can be predicted with complete certainty. That said, a great way of getting information is to look at both boxers’ form (including previous wins and losses).

Have the two boxers fought each other before? Have either of the boxers shown any significant changes in skills or weight? How much rest time have they each had since their last match?


Can you place a boxing bet halfway through a fight?

With 888sport, you can place bets at any point throughout the fight when live betting is offered on an event.

As you accumulate more information on how a fight may play out, betting on boxing between or during rounds means you’re able to keep right up with the latest action. The odds of the fight are constantly changing, making it even more exciting to choose your bet – and moment to place it.


Is there a wrong time to place a boxing bet?

The short answer is ‘no’. Making a bet when the fight is already in play does mean you may be more likely to predict how things will end, but a bout can change at any second.

Half of the fun of placing your wager is not knowing how things will go. Bet for your preferred boxer before the clash even starts – or change your mind a few rounds in. The choice is completely yours.


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