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Live betting & odds with 888 Sport



Live betting gets right to the heart of the latest sporting twists and turns.

There’s nothing quite like watching the big game or cup final of a top event on your TV or laptop. To add a little more excitement to it all, why not have a go at placing a wager mid-match?

Following a tie or race, feeling that your favourite is going to score or come in first place, and then making a bet in play can really add to the action. Check out 888sport today to unlock a whole new spectator experience.


In play betting online at 888 Sport

Bet live at 888sport – with numerous events and fixtures to choose from every day. Whether you’re mad about the beautiful game, can’t wait to see what happens at the stumps, or love the thrill of a scrum, betting on almost any sport as the action unfolds is possible with us.

It’s simple with 888sport. Just pick the game and market you want and then the live odds are updated depending on what’s happening. If your bet comes off, you’ll receive your returns instantly!


Which sports are available to bet in play?

You can bet in-play on all of the following sports at 888sport, and more:

  • Football – from kick-off to injury time
  • Boxing – from the first round to the last
  • Rugby – from the first scrum to the final minutes
  • Cricket – from the coin toss to the last few wickets
  • Tennis – from striding out on court to match-point
  • Horse racing – from ‘they’re off’ to the final straight


How does live betting work?

Instead of having to read stats and make predictions on what could happen, live wagers mean you can place a bet on a match or race whilst it’s in full flow.

This adds to the excitement and intrigue, as you can make your choices as the action unfolds – and shifts in the standings or score occur.


What are the benefits of live betting with 888 Sport?

  • Increased involvement - Be up to date with the action as it happens – and gain even more information to make your decisions.
  • Competitive odds - We specialise in offering competitive, up-to-the-minute odds.
  • In play betting on the go – Whether you’re out and about or in the pub with friends, the our mobile app means you can get involved wherever you are.
  • Livestreaming – Follow the action as it unfolds, with livestreaming available on selected sports and events.
  • Expert tips – Find regularly updated guides, previews and expert insights the 888sport blog.

Take a look at the latest fixtures in your favourite sports and bet live with 888sport today.

All you need to do is make an in-play bet with us and you’ll see why it’s such a popular way to place a wager.




What is a live bet?

Placing a bet live is where a race, game or match is in progress and bets are taken throughout the duration of the game. As the game evolves, so do the odds and your chances of winning. It allows you to take advantage of changing odds while you’re watching.


Can you place a live bet mid game?

With 888sport you can make a bet at any point throughout a game, match or race on a wide range of different sports and competitions. It means that you can place a bet as the action unfolds, as well as using predictions and statistics to guide you before it kicks off. The odds change throughout the game, making it one of the most exciting ways to bet.


What are the best ways to win when live betting?

There are of course no guarantees that you’ll win. But some general advice is to:

  • Keep an eye on the odds – These can change quickly, so be aware of which are getting longer and shorter and why.
  • Watch closely – Is the balance of power shifting in the contest? What patterns can you spot?


What is the best time to place a live bet?

There is no definitive answer to this question, but in sports like football or motor racing it can pay to wait until the action is nearly over. The tempo can change in an instant, which means your bet in the last 15 minutes may be more likely to come in than if it is placed in the early stages of the game or race. Of course, the odds may be somewhat shorter by that point as well!

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