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Dive into darts betting with the latest odds on the biggest tournaments at 888sport.

From nail-biting Grand Slam bullseyes to World Championship winners, you’ll find odds on every match and leading tournament here.

Take a punt on who’s going bust and who’s getting the most 180s, or back your betting slip with an outright winner of the next big showdown.

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Betting on darts – how does it work?

Darts is one of the most popular games around and we cover all the action here at 888sport.

Take aim at any of our pre-match or in-play bets, add it to your slip and place your wager. If your bet hits the target, your winnings will be available in your account to withdraw or play again.


Darts odds market

We’ve got all the action from darts tournaments across the calendar year. Check in ahead of each round of fixtures to see what the latest odds on darts matches are, whether there’s an upset on the cards or one of the league’s big guns is almost guaranteed a win.

Some of the big-name tournaments you’ll find odds for include:


Grand Slam

The Grand Slam of Darts brings together the best of the best in an annual tournament between the two national darts federations, the British Darts Organisation (BDO) and the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC).


Darts Premier League

You’ll find darts betting for Premier League face-offs throughout the season. Each week, the men and women of the Premier League play a round of fixtures in their hunt for tournament glory.


World Championship

Get your eye in when World Championship action comes around. The best darts players in the world play knockout action to decide an overall winner and crown the best player in the world.


Darts betting odds: What to look for

We’ve got firm favourites and plenty of classics here at 888sport. So, whether you’re dabbling for the first time or are a regular better, some of the more common bets to look out for include:

  • Match winner – pick an outright winner of the fixture.
  • Correct score – guess the correct score for a round, or the match overall.
  • Total match 180s – select how many scores of 180 there’ll be per match.
  • 180s match bet – which player will notch up the most 180 scores in a game?
  • Highest checkout – choose the player with the highest checkout score.
  • Match the finish on a bull – will the action culminate with a bullseye?


Specials and Promotions (T&Cs apply)

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How do odds work in darts betting?

When betting on darts, it’s important that you know how odds work. A bet of 10/1, for example, means that for every £1 you put on, you’ll get £10 back (as well as your original stake) if your bet is successful. Odds are calculated on the likelihood that the outcome will happen and take into account things like form, home crowds and more. Of course, just because something seems a given, doesn’t always mean it’s a guarantee!


What does 180 mean in darts?

A score of 180 is the highest total that can be achieved in a single player action. Three darts are thrown, with all landing on treble 20. You can bet on the total number of 180s in a match or choose which player you think will get the most 180s. You could also take a punt in-play on whether you think there will be a score of 180 by round.


Are all darts competitions knockout?

Not all competitions are knockout. The Premier League is calculated on points, with the overall winner being the player with the most points at the end of the season. Points are awarded for wins and draws. The Grand Slam of Darts is only knockout in the later rounds, with all players facing off in a round-robin style tournament in the early stages of the competition.


What’s a perfect leg?

A perfect leg is when a player achieves their target score of 501 in just nine darts – usually reached by throwing six consecutive treble 20s before scoring 141 with the final three darts. You can bet on the chance of a perfect leg – also known as a ‘nine-darter’. Of course, things don’t always go to plan, and getting three darts into the same part of the board so many times is quite a feat!

If you want to learn even more about darts, visit the 888 blog for an array of articles, tips and expert analysis.

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