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Put on your thinking cap and get ready to speculate on the world's most prestigious intellectual prizes. Each year when the best minds in chemistry, literature, physics, peace and more are honoured for their contributions to the world, we put together a great collection of Nobel Prize odds around.

In fact, what's great about our Nobel Prize betting markets is that you don't have to be a genius to get in on the action. Thanks to our expert team, you'll get access to some of the latest betting lines, statistics and updates from the news sources around.

About Nobel Prizes

When Alfred Nobel established his self-titled prizes back in 1895, his aim was to honour those who had made outstanding contributions to humanity in the following disciplines:

  • Chemistry
  • Literature
  • Physics
  • Physiology
  • Medicine
  • Peace

Latterly, a prize for Economic Sciences was added to the list and, today, awarding bodies in Sweden and Norway choose the figures or organisations most deserving of a medal and £900,000+. Since the first Nobel Laureates were named in 1901, a plethora of famous faces have scooped the award, which is why Nobel Prize betting is now such a popular discipline.

From former US presidents like Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama to musicians such as Bob Dylan, the annual awards ceremony is a chance for the world's leading lights to shine. This means that every year, you'll find countless icons listed inside our Nobel Prize betting hub and all you have to do is stake £0.10 or more to back them.

The Latest Nobel Prize Odds

When it comes to betting on Nobel Prizes, one award stands out from the crowd: the peace prize. Given out in a separate ceremony to the other awards, the Nobel Peace prize is both highly sought after and, sometimes, highly contentious. This combination of anticipation, uncertainty and drama makes Nobel Peace Prize betting one of the most exciting markets we offer.

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