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With Rugby Union betting from 888sport, you won’t get blindsided or caught in the scrum.

This intense and physical sport has been a betting favourite in the UK for decades, as fans place a wager on who they think will land the most tries, successfully fire the ball between the posts, or simply be crowned victorious.

From fierce local rivalries between the Home Nations, to the coveted showdowns and dark horses of the Rugby World Cup, we have all the latest Rugby Union odds. Plus, with both mobile and desktop platforms, you can try your luck anytime, anywhere.

Sign up today, deposit and place a bet of £10 or more to get £30 worth of free bets (T&Cs apply).

Shoot for the posts when you bet on Rugby Union with 888sport.


Rugby Union Betting Events

Rugby Union sees its fair share of annual, seasonal and ‘every four years’ events. Here’s just a few of the biggest contests and tournaments you can bet on:

  • Rugby World Cup
  • Six Nations Championship
  • Autumn Nations Cup
  • Super Rugby
  • Lions Tour
  • Mitre 10 Cup
  • PRO14


Types of Rugby Union Bets

The most popular choice is probably to wager on an outright winner on Regular Time. This simply means who you think will win at the end of the match – and can sometimes include odds for a draw result.

You can also look to get better Rugby Union odds by adding a handicap to the favourite, or via ‘margin betting’. This means that the team you choose has to win by a particular margin for you to win your bet. 

Other types of bets we offer include:

  • Total points – guess the total tallied score from both teams.
  • Most Converted Tries – which team do you think will make it over the line, then get the ball between the posts, the most times?
  • Match Parlay – decide the match winner and total points as either under or over the sportsbook prediction.
  • Half Time – predict the scoreline and ‘winner’ after the first half of the game.


If you’re new to it all, check out our guide to rugby betting and all our latest articles and tips over at the 888sport blog.


Live Rugby Union Odds at 888sport

Our Live Betting and mobile options allow you to react to changes on the pitch as rapidly as a star winger.

Get the latest betting odds for Rugby Union matches as soon as they appear – and make your choices while following the on-field action, with our Live Sports Betting options.

Meanwhile, our 888sport app means you can place a punt wherever you happen to be, allowing for flexible and convenient betting on the go.


Offers and Promotions

We have a great range of promotions for both newcomers and existing customers.

Make sure you stay tuned to the latest offers, as well as the latest Rugby Union betting odds, over at our Promotions page (T&Cs apply).




What is a handicap bet in rugby?

Handicap betting is where a bookie gives a team an advantage or disadvantage when it comes to the final score.

So, if New Zealand are favourites to win, a bookkeeper may put a -13 handicap on them. This means New Zealand have to win by 13 points or more for you to win your bet.

This just helps even the odds of either team winning a wager.


How often do Rugby Union matches end in a draw?

It’s generally unusual for a Rugby Union game to end in a draw, but not impossible. If a match ends in a tie in many contests, there is usually extra time given, then a ‘sudden death’ to determine a winner.

In the Rugby World Cup, there have only been three draws in the entire history of the event! In the Six Nations, the probability of a draw is believed to be less than 3%.


Which team has won the most Rugby World Cups?

New Zealand and South Africa share the honours for the most Rugby World Cups, at three wins each. This means they are often the favourites to win, so expect shorter odds for outright victory with these two teams.

A handicap or margin betting can help get a higher pay-out if you decide to bet on these two teams to win. 


What does it mean when you parlay a bet?

A Parlay bet in Rugby Union is when you combine two different wagers into a single bet.

For instance, with 888sport you can bet on the match winner and total points as over or under the sportsbook. Or place a handicap bet on the home team, as well as bet on the total points. 

This can increase the payouts compared to a single wager. But you need to succeed with all the wagers to win.

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