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Place your Euroleague bet, enjoy the game and pocket your winnings! The Euroleague Basketball Company is a world unto itself. For purposes of sponsorship acknowledgement, the Euroleague is formally referred to as the Turkish Airlines Euroleague during the period 2010 – 2015.

Comprised of the best basketball teams that Europe has to offer, the Euroleague provides sports fans around with world with the excitement of intensely competitive play. Euroleague fixtures also provide the opportunity to place Euroleague bets with big winning potential.

Online Euroleague Betting

Free bets can be found through online Euroleague betting sites. Online bookmakers accommodate high rollers and low rollers alike. Leading online bookmakers offer more than just an avenue for betting on Euroleague; predictions and Euroleague betting odds are also provided at most internet sports betting sites like 888sport. When placing a Euroleague bet, sports fans can expect to receive a synopsis of team history, recent fixture results, highlights from the last game played and team standings. Bettors often utilize all of the info offered up with a free bet as predictors of the outcome of upcoming fixtures. The most important stats for most sports enthusiasts are the standings and the Euroleague betting odds.

Media Coverage

Euroleague fixtures are aired in nearly 200 countries. The matches are carried weekly into households in countries such as China, the U.K., U.S. and Canada. The massive media coverage includes television and ESPN3 online. Those who are betting on Euroleague may experience the thrill of winning their wager along with the absolute joy of watching their favourite team take home a trophy.

Euroleague Final Four

As in all sports, the Final Four at the culmination of each season delivers the greatest excitement. The world is sports-minded; and all of Europe is up for the championship final. The bet activity on the Euroleague is enormous when the championship is up for grabs. Teams are listed by country, and national pride is high on the agenda. The Euroleague ignites a passionate fervor from fans across Europe.

Basketball Betting

Various types of wagers are available when betting on basketball. The most popular bet is the moneyline market. The payouts follow the moneyline odds, which will be lower for the favoured team. Handicap betting is usually the way to go when a blowout is expected. The bookmaker’s handicap becomes a part of the fixture points for wagering purposes in order to even the odds between the two teams.

Total betting involves a wager on the combined total game points. Typically, the bettor will wager that the total points in the fixture will either be greater, or less, than a threshold number. 888sport – a leading Internet bookmaker – provides patrons with free bet options for Euroleague fixtures. Live in-play betting is yet another attractive option for Basketball punting.

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