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College basketball and football are the two most important sports for betting in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). March Madness for basketball has taken betting on NCAA to new levels in recent years. There are three ways to bet on NCAA basketball – spread, money line and game total. The same if true for NCAA bets on football, except bettors on football may also bet on NCAA for teasers and halftimes. The Spread Bets

This is the most popular wager. Bettors are notified several days ahead of the actual game of the spread. The information is easily available on the internet. The spread details the range of outcomes on a given game, and its purpose is to develop an active market, and extend a handicap to the weaker of two teams. An online bookmaker takes wagers from both sides. Online bookmakers charge a commission as do offline bookmakers. Spread wagering began in the 1940s and the UK caught on to the idea in the 1980s. The betting on NCAA underdogs will pay off if the weaker teams beat the spread and score higher than the favorite.

Money Line Bets Money line wagering is generally available for all sports, and is another choice for bettors, who are trying to decide if they should make a wager. The teams will be identified in the standings as to which team is the favorite and which is the underdog. Naturally, NCAA bets on the favorite teams will be less of a risk than an NCAA bet on the underdog. The first step is to look at the NCAA betting odds to determine the favorites and the underdogs. Money lines are identified in $100 units, however, bettors are not required to wager that much. A simple $5 or $10 bet will do.

Game Total Bets Again, a review of the NCAA betting odds is crucial to placing a wager on game totals. To bet on NCAA basketball and football using the game total method, bettors are proposing a combined total of both scores. After bettors have studied the NCAA betting odds, they pull up the posted over/under number. For example, if the over/under number is 188, bettors choosing to wager on the over, will pick a combined game total of 189 or higher; likewise if bettors choose to go under 188. If the combined score results total the over/under number, no one wins or loses.

Online Betting Online NCAA betting brings bettors basketball and football fixtures, predictors and predictions and all the highlights in basketball betting for March Madness. Also with online NCAA betting, bettors can explore their team’s history right up to the final outcomes. Participating in online betting offers members the chance to earn free bets. Even one free bet could be an NCAA fan’s ticket to an exciting game.

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