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According to Top End Sports, there’s an estimated 2.5 billion cricket fans worldwide, making it the second-most popular sport on the planet.

Top 10 Cricket Blogs:

There’s a vast market for cricket writing, podcasts and video content online, whether that be focused on past players, the IPL or the longest format.

Fans looking for more information ahead of betting online or simply browsing for something to read on their daily commute will want to consult these 10 cricket blogs throughout the week.


A juggernaut of cricket reporting, Cricbuzz has over four million Twitter followers, perhaps taking it out of the realm of blogging.

Amid all the score updates and reporting, though, Cricbuzz is still a platform for features and insights that not every cricket-covering website would provide.

Full Toss

The Full Toss has been one of the leading cricket blogs for the best part of a decade. James Morgan is a prominent voice on Twitter, a vocal opponent of The Hundred and a regular debater.

Not many places come close to The Full Toss’ commitment to the England cricket team, the coverage of Test series and discussion over team selection.

Unfortunately, Morgan tweeted on October 20th that he is stepping away from the blog for the foreseeable future.

It might not be as active in the coming months, but the content produced over the last few years makes The Full Toss well deserving of a spot on this list.

Cricket Web

Cricket Web is a well-established Australian site, which provides a different experience to the standard cricket blog.

Primarily a forum with reviews and featured articles as more of a sideshow, this is a great place for cricket fans to virtually congregate to discuss the sport.

Recent threads include discussions on the mental side of cricket and the 2020-21 Australian domestic season, while fans can also get involved in an array of interactive games.

Whether you fancy yourself at fantasy cricket or as an expert predictor, Cricket Web has you covered.

It’s not the most modern looking site, but Cricket Web is a popular place for cricket fans from all over the world and is definitely worth checking out.

Cric Blog

Another Australian run site, Cric Blog is updated as frequently as any blog on this list.

Founder Charbel Coorey aims to cover as much of world cricket as possible, and he lives up to that ambition with previews, player ratings and opinion pieces.

There are quizzes for fans to test themselves, tips for other potential cricket bloggers and a whole catalogue of match previews.

At the time of writing, the IPL is the focus and it’s definitely describe it as comprehensive coverage.


CricViz is the place to go as you weigh up cricket betting decisions.

Their WinViz model gets a lot of (undeserved) stick, but the data available on CricViz is unparalleled and brings several new layers to cricket analysis. Their written content is some of the best sports writing around.

Describing itself as ‘setting the agenda in cricket analytics’, there’s no question that CricViz is at the forefront of the sport, and their blog gives fans a glimpse of what they do and how they are learning about the game.

Their podcasts are well worth a listen too - CricViz wouldn't look out of place on a list of the top 10 sports podcasts.

The Cricket Blog

An interview with Phil Tufnell and a feature on village cricket in COVID-19 times are two of the recent posts from The Cricket Blog. There’s IPL focus too, with a long-read on the Chennai Super Kings – this blog does it all.

Where others are attempting to cover all the latest news and do the more generic stuff, The Cricket Blog sticks to unique angles.

It’s not a place to return to frequently, unfortunately, as articles are only posted every few weeks, but keep an eye out for when something new goes up, because it’s well worth your time.

Dennis Does Cricket

Dennis Freedman’s cricket blog is certainly different.

Anyone embroiled in the world of cricket Twitter will have seen plenty of Dennis, who describes Dennis Does Cricket as a place with a ‘mixture of articles, podcasts and random things to make cricket more fun and less stuffy.’

Dennis has been published in well-known outlets all over the planet and has built a strong reputation for his alternative look at the sport.

It can lean towards trolling on social media, but Dennis Does Cricket is always an entertaining journey – even his ‘About Dennis’ page is a maze of selfies and pithy comments.

Women’s Cricket Blog

Women’s Cricket Blog hasn’t been published on in 2020, but with an active Twitter account to follow, there’s hope this blog could be up and running again in the near future. All fans of women’s cricket will hope so.

A handy feature updates on a daily basis, giving details of women’s matches taking place around the world. Location and time are shown, and with just the click of a button, fans can copy these matches to their personal calendar.

Coverage of women’s cricket has drastically improved over the last few seasons.

The efforts of national newspapers and leading websites will get the attention, but blogs with a social media profile like this are every bit as important to raise the profile of the game.

Inside Edge Cricket

Inside Edge Cricket is focused on English cricket, providing expert insight and analysis on the national team and the domestic game.

Recent articles include discussion of England stars in the IPL and a collaboration on the never-ending conundrum of England’s top order.

The player ladder feature for all three formats is a particularly interesting read. This is a good way to keep up with the constant change around England’s selection for their Test, ODI and T20 teams.

Perhaps slotting the most famous publication in the sport under ‘blog’ is a little unfair, but the work done on Wisden’s website is deserving of recognition.

The magazine is obviously Wisden’s main attraction on a month-to-month basis, but their website is loaded with interviews, quizzes, and news.

Don’t forget about the weekly podcast too, which takes a look around the cricket world, although naturally focusing more on England when they’re in action.

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