It's the end of the Champions League group stage and we enter into the knockout stages in 2024, just waiting for the official draw to take place on Monday.

UCL Group Stage XI For 2023/24:

  • Goalkeeper: Sommer

  • Defenders: Joao Cancelo, Pepe, Hummels

  • Midfielders: Saka, Bellingham, Zaire-Emery, Openda

  • Forwards: Haaland, Kane, Griezmann

Who are the best players of the group stage? Difficult takes, but... here we go with our (offensive!) 3-4-3 formation for the 2023/24 Champions League group stages.

Yann Sommer (Inter)

The Nerazzurri are unbeaten in their Champions League group also thanks to their new goalkeeper who replaced Onana in a fantastic way.

Great saves at San Siro vs Benfica, at Anoeta vs Real Sociedad and many more. Underrated.

Joao Cancelo (Barcelona)

A crucial player in crucial moments.

He's been great for Barcelona in difficult group, helping especially in the key game against Porto. Smart signing, superb impact.

Pepe (FC Porto)

Never ending Pepe. He's 40 and still scoring goals, showing leadership and bringing Porto to the next stage.

His mentality is elite, we knew that of course but... fantastic work, once again.

Mats Hummels (Borussia Dortmund)

His performance in San Siro made the difference for BVB in the group of death, but in general his Champions League campaign has been wonderful.

Another example of an 'old but gold' defender.

Bukayo Saka (Arsenal)

It was an excellent group stage for the Gunners also with Gabriel Jesus shining, but Bukayo is the face of this team.

Young, competitive, always there when impact is needed. Fantastic first group stage of his life!

Jude Bellingham (Real Madrid)

The signing of the year, with huge numbers also in Champions League. Jude is always there.

Goals, assists, celebrations. Dancing football at Bernabéu and away. Just wow.

Warren Zaire-Emery (PSG)

Not bad at all to see 17 year old guy getting two Man of the Match awards for PSG in absolutely crucial games under pressure, scoring a key goal to go to the next stage, being the leader... despite being born in 2006.

A special guy and a supreme prospect.

Lois Openda (RB Leipzig)

Not a winger of course, but let us play him on the left in our special 3-4-3 because Openda deserves a place in the top XI.

Sesko and Xavi Simons also did great, but Lois' four goals are the reason why Leipzig to the round of 16.

Erling Haaland (Man City)

Always him, once again. Even when he's not at his best, maybe tired, sometimes injured... still scoring goals and making history.

It's just the beginning for him, be sure of that.

Harry Kane (Bayern)

A proper machine, as always. Scoring goals in every competition, always helping the team and fighting like a lion.

Top impact at Bayern, excellent work in a difficult group.

Antoine Griezmann (Atlético Madrid)

Let us say, Griezmann 51% and Morata 49%. Both deserved a place, we go with Antoine's historical record now approaching and his incredible creativity.

But Morata also deserves a mention, wonderful once again.

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