The incredible Harry Kane saga is finally over after crazy developments during the whole summer.

A story full of surprises, twists and turns but with a clear ending: Kane wanted Bayern Munich and got the move he wanted after a lifetime as a Tottenham legend.

The most underrated man in this story is Thomas Tuchel, Bayern manager since last March with a clear mission: since day one of his chapter as Bayern coach, Tuchel has insisted on having Kane as new striker for the following season.

Only Kane, no other options. Kane, Kane and Kane again.

In every internal meeting, Tuchel has always repeated that he would try to sign Harry as a star who could have changed the history of Bayern forever: Thomas is convinced that with Kane the club can win all the titles, approach Lewandowski's records in the Bundesliga and dream in Champions League.

This message was sent by the manager to Bayern internally with insistence and confidence, but also… to Kane himself.

Yes, because in contacts with Kane's camp, Tuchel has always been very involved and very clear: Bayern is waiting for you, it's time to make history together, these are the signals from the manager to Harry who gave his green light as early as June.

Green light to Bayern... but not a break with Tottenham, for which Kane obviously had and will always have total respect.

Harry was clear with the Bayern board; the deal was possible and appreciated but the best solution had to be found with Tottenham, otherwise Harry would have been ready to stay in London also because he was very happy with Ange Postecoglou's excellent work in his first steps as new Spurs coach.

For this Bayern needed a lot of time to discuss with Daniel Levy, always masterful in negotiations until he managed to get €120m package with add-ons included for an extraordinary player ... but out of contract in June 2024 .

Bayern had to deal with ups and downs in the negotiation with Levy, the moments in which the Tottenham chairman really tried in every way to convince Harry to stay, even his long silences regarding Bayern's deadlines that made the German club nervous.

An old-fashioned negotiation, long and tense, made up of different offers and patience. Bayern started from €70m plus add-ons, rejected. Then €80m plus add-ons, rejected again.

Until the board's mission to London for a lunch with Levy that made all the difference; at that moment Bayern understood that finally there was a price, the definitive way out to be able to sign Kane.

The last few hours have been hectic: when Daniel Levy finally accepted Bayern's proposal, Kane didn't change his mind but his camp demanded some clarifications on the personal terms that had to be settled.

There was tension for about 12 hours but Bayern never lost confidence. Silence and caution, until the moment of the green light and the documents prepared for a contract until June 30, 2027.

A historic deal for Bayern who have never feared Manchester United or PSG in the race, precisely because Tuchel made the difference in convincing Kane as early as June.

An eternal legend for Spurs, a new star for Bayern.


Fabrizio Romano is an Italian sports journalist. He was born in 1993, he lives in Milan and has over 30 million followers in total on the major social networks.


He collaborates with 888sport, CBS Sports, Sky Sport, The Guardian and has been a transfer market expert since 2011. He will take care of a column dedicated to some "Behind the Scenes" of transfers.