Sergio Ramos returns home.

Despite many rich offers from different countries and many rumours about his future since June, Ramos has made a decision that will make history: the Spanish central defender will play in Sevilla for the 2023/2024 season, a choice that few expected even seen the denials of the club in recent months and which instead was confirmed in the last 24 hours.

Ramos joins Sevilla as a free agent after waiting three months to choose the best possible destination, together with his family and especially his wife who strongly wanted Europe rather than an adventure in a different country.

A choice of the heart, difficult to predict because the proposals received were really very important from a financial point of view.

In recent months, Ramos has been approached by many clubs; there have never been negotiations for a return to Real Madrid, not even after Eder Militao's long injury. Inter Miami was only an option considered at the end of June, but never became a concrete negotiation because Ramos and the club had different plans.

However, high-level offers have arrived from Turkey: Galatasaray made him a verbal proposal just after having had the certainty of playing in the Champions League, while Besiktas spoke to the player's camp for weeks but no one received the green light from Ramos .

Sergio wanted to wait for the end of the European transfer market. Until Saturday morning he received a mega proposal from Al Ittihad: two year contract, huge salary, lot of benefits, a break clause in the contract in case he wanted to leave in June 2024.

Even the Saudi club had booked the medical tests for Ramos knowing that the proposal was almost impossible to match.

Almost, precisely... because Sevilla couldn't offer the same money, obviously an unimaginable scenario. But Ramos' heart club was able to offer the love of the fans, the city that Sergio knows well, the Sevilla project that needs a leader like Ramos to be able to relaunch at the highest levels after a difficult summer.

Thus was born the idea of hijacking Sergio's Sevilla on Sunday move to Al Ittihad and submit a formal proposal to convince the Spanish center back.

The rest is history, because 24 hours were enough for a heartfelt agreement: Ramos will return to Sevilla, a masterpiece of the club and a dream that returns for Sergio after 18 years.

Suerte, Ramos.

Fabrizio Romano is an Italian sports journalist. He was born in 1993, he lives in Milan and has over 30 million followers in total on the major social networks.


He collaborates with 888sport, CBS Sports, Sky Sport, The Guardian and has been a transfer market expert since 2011. He will take care of a column dedicated to some "Behind the Scenes" of transfers.