In some ways Gameweek 4 went as expected, two of the best strikers in world football scored two goals each in Romelu Lukaku (£11.6m) and Cristiano Ronaldo (£12.5m).

For those that moved early to bring them in they’re probably having somewhat of a relaxed time ahead of Gameweek 5. For those that didn’t it’s a case of which one do you bring in or do you go with both.

With a suspension for Michail Antonio (£7.9m) and an injury to Dominic Calvert-Lewin (£8.2m) there’s a lot to talk about, so lets get into it.

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How Many Heavy Hitting Forwards?

In some ways you could make an argument that going without Ronaldo or Lukaku for this week is viable.

Lukaku plays a Spurs side who have just shipped three goals to Crystal Palace, and yet I still wouldn’t see that as a game we need to rush out and buy him for.

Ronaldo plays West Ham (a), and while I wouldn’t sit here and say he can’t score in that game, it won’t be as easy as against Newcastle, and he’s certainly not the stand out captain this week when Mohamed Salah (£12.5m) plays Crystal Palace (h).

I still think trying to fit Salah, Ronaldo, Lukaku and Trent Alexander-Arnold (£7.5m) into the same team weakens other areas too much. For every mid-priced forward that gets injured or suspended it becomes a bit more viable but I don’t think we’re there yet.

Given Lukaku plays Spurs and Man City in the next two Gameweeks I think you can hold off on him for now and if you’re moving to a premium forward it should still be Ronaldo. You can always make the switch back the other way in Gameweek 7 or 8 as Chelsea’s fixtures improve.

Gameweek 6 also looks great for Ronaldo who will play Aston Villa (h), another potential opportunity for a captaincy haul.

What To Do With Antonio?

There aren’t many better players when fit then Antonio, and that’s across the entire FPL game, not necessarily in his price bracket.

Because it was Manchester United (h) in Gameweek 5 anyway we shouldn’t have really been expecting many points, which leads me to think that playing someone from the bench and holding Antonio until Gameweek 6 and 7 for games against Leeds United (a) and Brentford (h) is the best strategy for a lot of people.

As long as Patrick Bamford (£7.9m) is fit for Gameweek 5 I do think he’s a reasonable transfer this week, but if you’ve got a squad that allows you to hold Antonio I think that’s probably what I would do in many cases, especially if you already own Dominic Calvert-Lewin (£8.2m).

What will be interesting to see over the coming weeks is how David Moyes manages Antonio. We already know that he can be injury prone at times, and we need to see how many Europa League games he plays in between Premier League matches.

Because of the suspension he’ll probably play on Thursday against Dinamo Zagreb, but with the enforced rest against Man United in Gameweek 5 I’d hope he’ll be fine for Leeds in Gameweek 6.

Time to sell Dominic Calvert-Lewin

It’s always frustrating when we don’t get a heads up from managers in press conferences about injuries. For owners who went into Monday night expecting big things from Calvert-Lewin it was a night of frustration when the team sheets arrived.

Given that Rafa Benítez has stated Calvert-Lewin will likely miss 2-3 weeks he needs to be sold. Everton’s best fixtures over the next 4 Gameweeks are in Gameweek 5 and 6 and it seems likely he’ll miss them.

As mentioned above the best replacement around the same price is probably Patrick Bamford. With European matches for other players it’s always worth waiting as long as possible to make your moves, but if he’s passed fit by Bielsa I wouldn’t hesitate to transfer him in.

The other option around this price would be Raúl Jiménez (£7.4m). Wolves have an incredible run of fixtures with Brentford, Southampton and Newcastle United in the next three Gameweeks.

Jiménez hasn’t gotten off the mark yet but he has had 12 shots in the box so far this season and Wolves are looking to attack at every opportunity.

They’ve also had some tricky fixtures to start the season off, so if he’s able to get that many shots off against tougher opposition there’s hope that he can continue into the easier fixtures.

It’s a little bit of a risk as he was out for so long and hasn’t hit the ground running on his return, but I’m always someone that likes betting on fixtures and if he can find any kind of form like he’s displayed previously he’ll be a great option.

Outside of that Teemu Pukki (£5.9m) is about to come into some nice fixtures as well, with Watford, Everton and Burnley over the next three Gameweeks.

Because he’s so cheap it would also give you the option of investing more money into another position, perhaps in midfield in defence.

The only thing that would make me cautious about this move is in the future if you want to upgrade Pukki back to someone like Calvert-Lewin, Bamford, or Antonio as you’d then have to find the money from somewhere.

But as a punt on a player with nice fixtures and penalties in the locker there are crazier players you could go for.

Gameweek 5 Wildcard

I’ll just briefly touch on FPL Wildcards in Gameweek 5. I don’t think there is a lot of difference in terms of the squads people are building for Gameweek 5 to those that used the chip in Gameweek 4.

I think having Salah plus one of Lukaku and Ronaldo is the best way to build your squad, although Demarai Gray (£5.7m) provides an option to have less money in midfield to allow for all three.

For me Liverpool are looking too good and have the fixtures to do anything less than use three spots in your team for their players. For me I would own Alexander-Arnold, Diogo Jota (£7.7m) and Salah if I was Wildcarding now.

In defence there’s a case to be made for dropping Luke Shaw (£5.6m) for someone like Antonio Rüdiger (£5.5m) given Chelsea’s fixtures will soon turn.

I’d also consider trying to find a spot for Nélson Semedo (£4.9m) who’s been getting in some advanced positions while playing right wing back for Wolves.

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FIRST PUBLISHED: 12th August 2021

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