New betting markets are always emerging but some grab the interest of punters more than others.

In recent years, the Both Teams to Score (BTTS) wager has become one of the most popular amongst bettors of all levels.

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  • What Is A Both Teams To Score Bet?

  • How Does A Both Teams To Score Bet Work?

  • BTTS Betting - Why?

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  • Both Teams To Score Bets

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What Is A Both Teams To Score Bet?

Punters are always on the lookout for markets where statistics can be easily researched and applied to a betting strategy and the Both Teams to Score bet fits the bill perfectly.

This type of wager is now so popular, many bookmakers now offer coupons just for this market and they regularly include BTTS bets in weekly bonuses. The punter must simply predict if both teams in a selected match will score during 90 minutes plus injury time.

Goals scored in extra time do not count, but own goals are valid. Bettors can choose just a single game or combine multiple selections from different leagues into an accumulator on a betting slip or coupon.

How Does A Both Teams To Score Bet Work?

With the Both Teams to Score bet, the player has a chance to win right up until the final whistle. As long as both sides hit the back of the net at some point, the bet will pay out - even if the goal is scored with the last kick of the game.

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Some bets, such as the first goalscorer bet, can be lost in the first seconds of the game, but the BTTS bet keeps the excitement going the full distance.

Even if one team is losing 5-0 with just a few seconds left on the clock, a late consolation goal, even if it's an own goal, will ensure the bet pays out.

For those who like to bet on the game they are watching, this is very appealing and is one of the main reasons this bet type has become so popular.

BTTS Betting - Why?

For those who take a measured approach to their betting, the BTTS market offers the chance to research and analyse statistics.

With so much data available across all the major leagues, it is fairly easy to identify match-ups between teams with high payout percentages in this market.

Some teams have a higher BTTS percentage at home while others rank highly away from home. And some leagues have higher strike rates than others.

It is not too hard to get up to date with the hot picks in this market. And if you can find two well-matched teams at the right price, there is a great opportunity for profit.

How To Bet On Both Teams To Score

The first thing a punter needs to do is decide which game or selection of games to include in their bet. Remember, you can combine Both Teams to Score bets on a coupon or in an accumulator.

To do this, you need to look at the historical results of both teams. If one team has a high BTTS percentage but the other ranks low, you might want to avoid that fixture.

BTTS gamblers should also be wary of looking too closely at data from the previous seasons. Some teams may score highly in this market in one campaign but not another.

For example, Premier League side Liverpool had a 73.7% BTTS strike rate when playing away from home in the 2013-14 season, but by the end of the 2014-15 season, that figure had dropped to just 42.1%.

Where possible, punters should wait until the new season is well underway to get a decent sample size. After 10 games have been played, trends should start emerging in this market.

When a bettor spots a game featuring two teams who both have a habit of scoring and conceding in the same game, they then have to decide if the price offers enough value to place the bet.

Both Teams To Score Bets:

A jump back in time to the 2013/14 German top flight allows us to see how trends in this area translate into a betting situation.

During that campaign, there were some strong teams in the BTTS category. Hoffenheim were the pick of the bunch with a home record of 82.4% and an away record of 76.5%.

Bayer Leverkusen and Stuttgart both had a home score of 76.5%, while Mainz and Wolfsburg both had away strike rates of 76.5%.

So let’s look at the results of the matches between these teams, pitching those strong at home with those strong away from home:

  • Hoffenheim 2-4 Mainz

  • Hoffenheim 6-2 Wolfsburg

  • Bayer Leverkusen 2-3 Hoffenheim

  • Bayer Leverkusen 0-1 Mainz

  • Bayer Leverkusen 3-1 Wolfsburg

  • Stuttgart 6-2 Hoffenheim

  • Stuttgart 1-2 Mainz

  • Stuttgart 1-2 Wolfsburg

As we can see, when these teams were matched head-to-head according to their relative BTTS strengths, seven out of eight matches ended with both teams on the score sheet.

That’s a return of 87.5% across that group of games. That's an excellent return by any standards.

BTTS Tips Strategy:

By seeking out matches between teams with a high percentage either home or away, the punter increases their chances of a win. Some bettors may set a combined threshold to make their decision easier.

For example, they might decide that a combined score of 140% represents a good betting opportunity. So, if the home side has a BTTS strike rate of 75%, the away team would need to have a percentage score of 65 or more to bring the bet into consideration.

The higher a punter sets the threshold, the better chance they will have of winning. However, there will be fewer betting opportunities. Once matches have been chosen, punters may then decide to back them all or just the ones that offer the best value.

Both Teams To Score Betting - Teams & Leagues:

The good thing about this market is punters don’t have to be experts in the league they are betting in.

Although, they should still check basic information such as injuries to key goal scorers etc. That means bettors can look for opportunities in leagues they would not normally watch.

For example, at the start of the 2018/19 campaign, a bettor who normally wagers on the Premier League may have spotted the first five of English Championship side Aston Villa's opening games had paid out in the BTTS market.

Their next match was away to Sheffield United whose previous two home games had produced the same result. The BTTS bet was available at an appealing price of 3/4 and sure enough, the next match finished 4-1 and the bet paid out.

Punters can establish such information without being experts in that particular league. BTTS bets require less precise predictions than some other bets such as correct score or first goal scorer.

And punters who enjoy building accumulators can still do so with Both Teams to Score bets.

With so much free information and statistics available, there is no need to bet on gut feelings or instinct alone.

By taking a more mathematical and methodical approach, punters can increase their chances of making a profit in the fun and exciting Both Teams to Score market.

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FIRST PUBLISHED: 17th September 2018

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