Should Jordan Henderson be crowned the PFA Player of the Year for the 2019/2020 Premier League season?

The Liverpool captain has led his team to a magnificent Premier League triumph but that isn't enough to convince the doubters on our latest A Tenner Says debate, with Robbie Lyle from AFTV, Flex of The United Stand and Esteemed Kompany - AKA Steven McInerney - all mocking the idea of the midfielder being the best player in the country.

But, in a fiery debate, Henderson found a fan in Blues Fan TV star Rory Jennings, who insists Henderson's achievements this season warrant him winning the award over the likes of Kevin De Bruyne, Sadio Mane and Virgil Van Dijk.


Which Premier League players, past and present, do you hate the most and why?

Troopz of AFTV, Expressions Ooozing, Rory Jennings of Blues Fan TV and The Kop TV's Alex Gildea Trott reveal the players they despise the most, with mentions in there for Sol Campbell, whio famously left Tottenham Hostpur for Arsenal on a free transfer, Ashley Cole, who left the Gunners for Chelsea and Jose Mourinho and current players including Diego Costa and Cesar Azpilicueta.


Both Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal have had shocking seasons and face an uphill battle to qualify for the top four.

Ahead of the North London Derby this weekend, Expressions Oozing and Troopz of AFTV clash over both clubs' long-term prospects and chances of qualifying for the Champions League, both this and next season.

With Spurs showing little sign of improvement under Jose Mourinho and Arsenal still wildy inconsistent in the hands of Mikel Arteta, both Troopz and Expressions are downbeat on their clubs' chances of ever winning the Premier League.


Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool are the Premier League champions and now hold the Premier League, World Club Cup and Champions League titles.

Pep Guardiola's Manchester City may have thrashed the champions 4-0 in the Premier League at the Etihad Stadium on Thursday, but Liverpool's domination of this season begs the question: has Klopp overtaken Guardiola as the best manager in the world?

Liverpool fan Craig Houlden (Anfield Agenda) and Man City's Steven McInerney (Esteemed Kompany) argue over just that in the latest episode of A Tenner Says.


Liverpool have romped to the title - but where do they stand in the debate over the Premier League's best-ever side?

Troopz of AFTV, Expressions Oozing and Blues Fan TV man Rory Jennings discuss the Reds' title win with The Kop TV's Alex Gildea-Trott, with Troopz raging at claims Liverpool have overtaken Arsenal's Invincibles.

And what about Manchester United's treble winners, City's Centurions or Jose Mourinho's great Chelsea team? Who do you think is the best Premier League team in history?


Troopz, Expressions, Rory Jennings and Liverpool fan Alex Gildea-Trott debate whether Roy Keane went too far in his shocking half-time tirade against David De Gea and Harry Maguire.

The Irishman let rip at the Manchester United duo, saying he’d throw punches at De Gea and suggesting he should get a taxi back to Manchester, while labeling Maguire ‘shocking’.

It’s got the football world asking whether United legend Keane is just playing up to the Sky Sports cameras or if he really is raging and just showing passion for his former team.

AFTV’s Troopz, Expressions Oozing, Jennings and Alex of The Kop TV debate whether they love or hate the firebrand Irish legend.


Do you pick Kane, Shearer or both? Where do Henderson and Alexander-Arnold fit in? Do ANY of the current England squad get in a combined XI with the Euro ’96 team?

These are the questions for Expressions Oozing, Troopz of AFTV, Mark Goldbridge of the United Stand and Steven McInerney of Esteemed Kompany as the four go head-to-head and try to pick a joint team.

TROOPZ TROLLS EXPRESSIONS OVER ENGLAND DEFEAT! | A Tenner Says: Euro ’96 Rewind | 888sport

Troopz, Expresssions Oozing, Mark Goldbridge and Rory Jennings re-watched England’s heartbreaking penalty shootout defeat to Germany at Euro ’96 – then got into a blazing row about the current England side.

Arsenal fan and AFTV Troopz mocked Spurs fan Expressions over the ‘bottlejob’ Tottenham players in the World Cup 2018 squad, which he said gave the Three Lions no chance of getting past Croatia in the semi-finals.

The jibe came as the boys joined Goldbridge of The United Stand and Jennings of Blues Fans TV to recall their most painful England defeats and whether losing with country is worse than losing with club.

  • 00:25 Post-match penalty shootout heartbreak
  • 02:30 Where does this rank in England's devastating defeats?
  • 02:55 Expressions jibes Goldbridge over his age
  • 03:57 Troopz: 'This was as low as Ronaldo getting Rooney sent off'
  • 05:19 Was defeat to Croatia at 2018 World Cup worse?
  • 06:07 Rory Jennings: "England won't win a trophy under Gareth Southgate"
  • 06:50 Troopz: "Most of the team was Tottenham, we've seen how they bottle it."
  • 08:14 Club misery or country misery - what is worse?
  • 09:43 - 'Arsenal losing turns me suicidal, England can't make me cry'

What was the most painful England defeat of your lifetime and do you care more about your club losing?

TROOPZ: ENGLAND EURO'96 TEAM IS REAL GOLDEN GENERATION! | A Tenner Says: Euro 96 Rewind | 888sport

Troopz of AFTV re-watched England annihilate the Netherlands 4-1 at Euro ’96 and declared that team was the REAL 'Golden Generation', not the era Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard, David Beckham, Michael Owen and Paul Scholes.

And Troopz was backed by Rory Jennings and Blues Fans TV and Steven McInerney of Esteemed Kompany, who both agreed the Euro’96 side was better than the World Cup 2018 semi-finalists and the teams that went to the World Cup 2002, Euro 2004 and World Cup 2006 under Sven Goran Eriksson.

And what of the performance against the Netherlands itself? Was it the best of the modern era, or does Germany 1-5 England in Munich 2001 shade it?

GAZZA COULD HAVE BEEN ENGLAND’S MESSI | A Tenner Says: Euro 96 Rewind | 888sport

Mark Goldbridge of the United Stand, Expressions Oozing, Rory Jennings of Blues Fan TV and Steven McInerney of Esteemed Kompany watchalong ITV’s Euro ‘96 Relived and marvel at Paul Gascoigne’s stunning strike that gave England the points in the England v Scotland group game at Wembley.

And the boys come to one conclusion: Gazza was The Three Lions’ greatest ever midfielder, comparing him to Zinedine Zidane and Lionel Messi.

Goldbridge, Expressions, Jennings and McInerney say Gascoigne was streets ahead of any other England midfielder, including the likes of Steven Gerrard, Paul Scholes and Frank Lampard, and say he would walk into any club team today, with Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool named as the team that would have got the best out of the former Tottenham Hotspur, Newcastle United and Lazio player.

Current players like Harry Winks, Jordan Henderson and Declan Rice simply don’t even come close.

They speculate as to whether modern midfielders are too functional today, citing Liverpool’s central trio as lacking in flair and the only comparable modern player to Gascoigne is Manchester United’s Paul Pogba and ex Spurs man Moussa Dembele.


With the dust starting to settle on the suspension to the Premier League, rival fans Mark Goldbridge (United Stand TV), Mo Stewart (The Anfield Wrap) and Conor McGilligan (All Leeds TV) face off to debate what happens next, and what it means for all the clubs involved.

With Liverpool and Leeds United both sitting top of the Premier League and Championship respectively, our A Tenner Says panel debate and discuss who would be hit hardest should the season be cancelled completely - and what the fairest option would be. Liverpool haven't won the top division since 1990 - and have yet to win the title in the Premier League era.

With Jurgen Klopp's men so far ahead at the top of the table, it would be a cruel twist of fate to deny them now. Leeds too have had to endure a long wait - despite a number of near misses, they haven't returned to the Premier League since relegation in 2004.

Mo and Conor are joined by Mark Goldbridge - representing Manchester United, who are surely reveling in their hated rivals misery. The trio discuss which of the teams would be hit hardest by the season being cancelled, and what should happen next to the season.


With the Premier League one month into being suspended and no end in sight, Arsenal Fan TV's Troopz, Tottenham fan Expressions Oozing, Mo Stewart from the Anfield Wrap and Chelsea fan Rory Jennings debate what should happen next.

Should the Premier League scrap the season and deny Liverpool being crowned Premier League champions or should they suspend it indefinitely or play it behind closed doors once the UK government has lifted restrictions.

With Liverpool on the brink of the title, Jurgen Klopp's men will surely want the chance to get back out on the pitch so they can claim their first ever Premier League trophy - and what about the battle for the Champions League spots, with Sheffield United, Wolverhampton Wanderers, Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal or vying to get into the top four.

Troopz and Expressions also face-off over the futures of Harry Kane and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, with both players tipped to move on the Manchester United and Barcelona respectively.


Who goes in your all-time England XI? This week, in what would have been the international break, it all kicks off between Troopz and Expressions as they clash over Harry Kane, Tony Adams and more!

Picking an England all-time XI is always full of controversy, but neither record-goalscorer Wayne Rooney or World Cup winner Bobby Charlton gets in their final XI, while they engage in a fiery debatre over the likes of Alan Shearer, Paul Scholes, Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard and more.

Harry Kane and England were meant to be on international break right now building up to Euro 2020 but Coronavirus Covid-19 has put a stop to that with football suspended and the country on lockdown.

Fans Troopz of AFTV, Tottenham Hotspur fan Expressions Oozing and Jamie Vardy lookalike Lee Chappy (Leicester) discuss their all-time England XI.

The strikers cause the biggest arguments as Harry Kane, Alan Shearer, Gary Lineker and even Jamie Vardy are debated to play up-front for England but there is also a lot of debate over the midfielders with Lampard, Gerrard and Scholes all in the mix…


Jose Mourinho: genius or yesterday's man? AFTV's Troopz, Blues Fan TV star Rory Jennings and fan rant legend Andy Tate battle it out with Expressions Ooozing on one of football's most divisive personalities.

Is Mourinho finished at the highest level? Jose Mourinho has divided opinion throughout his managerial career - and after Chelsea and Manchester United, he is now at Tottenham Hotspur.

Ahead of this weekend's clash between his former club Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur we asked fans representing Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester United, Arsenal, and Chelsea to determine whether Jose Mourinho is finished.

Spurs fan Expressions is backing "Trophe Mourinho", but Chelsea fan Rory Jennings, Manchester United fan Andy Tate and Arsenal fan and AFTV's Troopz are in no doubt he is not the special one anymore - do you think he is still a world-class manager?


There's nothing that excites fans like a good old-fashioned derby - but which is the best in the Premier League? Fans representing Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester City fight out out to determine what is the biggest PL derby.

Arsenal fan Troopz is in no doubt - the North London derby pitting the Gunners against hated rivals Tottenham is the best of the bunch. From winning the league at White Hart Lane, to taking captain Sol Campbell, Arsenal have had the upper hand over Spurs in recent years, but is the tide starting to turn?

Steven McInerney, from Man City blog Esteemed Kompany, used to get it in the neck at school, but after City's recent successes under Pep Guardiola, is starting to bite back. With the balance of power now firmly blue, he's sure that the Manchester derby is the greatest.

There are split loyalties for Man United fanatic Andy Tate - while Liverpool are the game he looks forward to the most, he just can't help loving putting "little Citeh" back in their place. While things have turned sour after Sir Alex Ferguson was replaced by Moyseh, Andy has the unique position of having two big derbies to get behind.

Craig Houlden from Liverpool site Anfield Agenda also has two derbies in the fixture list - with the Merseyside derby against Everton a firm favourite. Divock Origi's late winner in 2018 will live long in the memory, as does the Toffees failure to win at Anfield in almost two decades.

Are our panel right - are these the biggest derbies in the Premier League, or do others go close? Crystal Palace's A23 rivalry with Brighton, for example, or other London clashes between Chelsea and West Ham?

Or outside of the current Premier League clashes - what about the likes of Portsmouth v Southampton, Birmingham v Aston Villa, or Newcastle v Sunderland? Or even the Old Firm between Celtic and Rangers?


It’s the age-old question that has divided fans for years – who is the biggest club in London? Supporters from Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham go head-to-head to battle it out in the latest episode of 888sport’s A Tenner Says.

Arsenal fan Troopz is backing the Gunners – pointing to their Invincibles season in 2004/05, as well as periods of greatness under both Herbert Chapman and Arsene Wenger.

Rory Jennings, representing Chelsea, argues the Blues’ Champions League triumph in 2012 has shifted the balance of power to Stamford Bridge – as does the continued success since Roman Abramovich took ownership of the club.

Tottenham supporter Expressions thinks Spurs’ rich history under Danny Blanchflower makes them London’s biggest – and the fact they have the biggest stadium, and Jose Mourinho in charge means they will dominate the capital for years to come.

The trio discuss the history as well as how the rivalries will develop in future - will it be Mikel Arteta, Frank Lampard or Mourinho who leads the biggest team in London over the coming years?


Harry Maguire cost Manchester United £80m in the summer – but is he the most expensive flop in the Premier League?

The former Leicester man has hardly set the world alight since arriving at Old Trafford – and our A Tenner Says panel think he is the most OVERRATED player in the PL!

Fans Andy Tate (Manchester United), Lee Chappy (Leicester), Anfield Agenda (Liverpool) and Steven McInerney (Manchester City) discuss frauds, phonies, and players who are overhyped – with Harry Kane’s name also cropping up too.

FANS UNITE: SCRAP BROKEN VAR NOW! A Tenner Says | 888sport

VAR has been the biggest talking point of the Premier League season - and our A Tenner Says panel have pulled no punches when discussing the controversial new addition.

Fans Steven McInerney (Esteemed Kompany) from Manchester City, Rory Jennings (CFC Fan TV) from Chelsea, Lee Chapman (Football Fan Cast) from Leicester and Craig Houlden (Anfield Agenda) from Liverpool debate all things VAR - and decide what changes can be made, or if it should be scrapped completely.

Introduced at the start of the 2019/20 season, VAR has been met with widespread criticism from fans, players and managers alike - with seemingly nobody happy with the changes that have been made.

From armpits being adjudged offside to dodgy penalties being given, fans across the country have been vocal in their opposition to VAR - and our A Tenner Says panel is no different.

With VAR seemingly here to stay, are there any changes that can be made to improve it going forwards - or should it just be cancelled, for the good of football itself?! A Tenner Says is a series that brings together fans from across the country to debate the topics that matter in the world of football - check out the full series now!

Arsenal INVINCIBLES vs Pep's CHAMPIONSHIP WINNING CITY - Who Wins? | A Tenner Says

Arsenal’s Invincible team from the 2003/04 season and Man City’s all-conquering title winners from the past two campaigns – two of the greatest teams in English football history. But which is better?

Arsene Wenger achieved something plenty thought was impossible – leading a team through a 38-game league season without tasting defeat once.

His Arsenal side swept all before them, with the likes of Thierry Henry, Patrick Vieira and Robert Pires putting the Gunners into the hall-of-fame as one of the best teams in history.

Pep Guardiola may not have led Manchester City to an unbeaten season, but he got pretty close. In 2017/18, he broke a number of Premier League records as City finished on a remarkable 100 points, and followed that up the season after by retaining the title with 98 points.

The likes of Kevin De Bruyne, David Silva and Sergio Aguero are certain to be spoken about for decades to come. But which of those two great sides was better?

To decide, 888sport invited fans Hugh Wizzy and Steven McInerney (Esteemed Kompany) to battle it out – both making the case for their respective clubs. Who would win in a fantasy game between the two, who was the better manager, and which of Henry or Aguero would they want up front?

Would You Rather Win The Premier League Or The Champions League? | A Tenner Says

Choosing between the Premier League and the Champions League is one of the hardest decisions for fans – and our #ATennerSays panel is no different.

Fans Tayo of Liverpool, Rants n Bants of Manchester United, Rory Jennings from Chelsea and Tottenham's Expressions, our panel come together to debate the big question – would you prefer domestic or European success?

Winning a 38-game Premier League is the ultimate test to determine which club is best over a season, but does it compare to coming out on top over the cream of the continent?

Liverpool may have won the Champions League last season, but would Tayo prefer to swap it for the Premier League trophy that the Reds have never got their hands on?

He joins Rants N Bants, Expressions and Rory Jennings to discuss on the latest episode of #ATennerSays.

England Won't Win Euro 2020 With Southgate In Charge! | A Tenner Says

Gareth Southgate could be regarded as England’s best manger of the modern era. He has managed 35 England matches with 22 wins, alongside a World Cup semi final being the pinnacle of Southgate’s reign so far.

However, is that enough to keep him at the job? We asked our panellists Rants & Rory whether they felt Southgate had done enough, or whether he and his waistcoat should be shown the door.

Does he need to be let go as soon as possible or does he deserve more time to develop up and coming players? Are there other managers who could do a better job? Or is Southgate the man to take Harry Kane, Raheem Sterling and the rest to Euro 2020 glory?

Should Diving Warrant A Red Card? | A Tenner Says

Diving is one of the most contentious issues in the Premier League and we asked a panel of football fans what they would do to rid it from the beautiful game.

Last season, Arsenal and Tottenham had the most players booked for simulation with the likes of Mesut Ozil and Dele Alli two of the main culprits in their respective sides, whilst Crystal Palace winger Wilfried Zaha and Aston Villa midfielder Jack Grealish have also got a reputation for going down too easily.

But do fans of Spurs, Arsenal, Crystal Palace or Aston Villa think diving should warrant a straight red card? Or could a sin bin system could work in football like it does in rugby?

What about if it was the last minute, you’re drawing against your arch rival, and your player dives to win a pen – would that change your view? Let us know what you think in the comments below. Do you think diving should warrant a red card?

Who Makes The Manchester United vs Liverpool All-Time Premier League XI | A Tenner Says

Two of English football’s fiercest rivals are Liverpool and Manchester United and we got two fans to pick a combined XI from the Premier League era.

Salah over Van Nistelrooy? Alonso for Scholes? Mane better than Giggs? A lot of contentious decisions but who makes your Man United and Liverpool combined Premier League era XI?

Should The FA Cup Winners Get A Champions League Place? | A Tenner Says

Fans from Arsenal, Chelsea, Everton and Wolves discussed the Champions League and the FA Cup.

The FA Cup is a competition that is being more undervalued each season and our panel queried if it would be more prestigious if the winner would get a Champions League spot.

They also pondered the idea of a play-off between the FA Cup winners and the fourth placed team in the Premier League for the final Champions League spot – would that improve the football season?

A final discussion point looked at what would they rather – qualifying for the Champions League or the glory of lifting the FA Cup.

Lampard Was Gerrard's Equal At EVERYTHING | Chelsea vs Liverpool | A Tenner Says

Our Chelsea and Liverpool fan stars Rory and Tayo come in to discuss the age old debate ahead of the big Premier League clash this weekend: who was better - Frank Lampard or Steven Gerrard?

With many fans insisting Gerrard was the superior all round player, Rory roars back to argue Lampard was as good, if not better, than the Socuse legend in EVERY AREA!

England Need BIG Changes To Be Euro 2020 Contenders | A Tenner Says

As England get ready for the first international break of the season, our fan panel discuss the Three Lions - and what they need to do to land Euro 2020 glory next summer.

Should Gareth Southgate go with Jordan Henderson or Harry Winks in midfield? Is Harry Kane or Raheem Sterling England's talisman? Is Jordan Pickford good enough to be the number one?

Tayo B, Expressions, Steven McInerney and Adam Partington go head-to-head over the Three Lions' chances!

Pundits' Liverpool Bias Is Sickening! | A Tenner Says

Pundits often split opinion and our panel of fans got together to discuss the current crop of pundits. Are too many ex-Liverpool? Is Michael Owen as bad as he seems? Is Gary Neville the best pundit out there? Who's good, who's bad, and who's biased?

We asked our panel of Hugh Wizzy (Arsenal), Expressions (Tottenham), Rants N Bants (Manchester United), and That Guy Tayo B (Liverpool) to discuss the current crop of pundits on Sky Sports, BT Sport and BBC.

No One Can Stop City And Lamps Is Getting Fired! Premier League Preview 2019/20 | A Tenner Says

Ahead of the new Premier League season, our panel of fans from last season’s top four face off to discuss the new campaign.

Can Man City retain the title? Did Liverpool’s best chance of the crown come and go last season? Will Frank Lampard be a success at Chelsea? Are Newcastle set for the drop? And who will be the season’s surprise package?

They discuss all this and more ahead of this weekend’s big kick-off.

Champions League Miracles: Unitd '99 Or Liverpool '05? | A Tenner Says

United in ’99 or Liverpool ’05 – which was the greatest Champions League final comeback? Anfield Agenda and Adam McKola debate the Champions League final.

Guardiola vs Klopp vs Pochettino vs Solskjaer - Who's The Best Manager? | A Tenner Says

Pep Guardiola, Jurgen Klopp, Mauricio Pochettino or Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. Who's the best manager in the Premier League?

Steven McInerney, Anfield Agenda, Expressions and Adam McKola go head-to-head in the latest episode of A Tenner Says.

Sterling vs Van Dijk: Who Deserves PFA Gong? | A Tenner Says

Virgil Van Dijk or Raheem Sterling – who gets your vote for PFA Player of the Year? Anfield Agenda and Steven McInerney go head-to-head in the latest episode of A Tenner Says.

The reason why EVERYONE hates Liverpool! | A Tenner Says

A Manchester United, Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur fan tell a passionate Liverpool supporter why they don’t want the Reds to win the league.

Pep has been spoon-fed success! Chelsea v Manchester City | A Tenner Says

Ahead of the Carabao Cup final, superfans NiNiiFC of Blues Lions TV and Steven Mcinerney of Esteemed Kompany go head-to-head about Pep Guardiola, Sarri, and who would win in a match between Mourinho's 04/05 Chelsea side and Pep's current squad. Who do you think comes on top in the debate?


Farrell will shrink - Dan Biggar is BETTER! Wales v England | A Tenner Says

The Six Nations is back this weekend as Wales take on England at the Principality Stadium and we're warming up for a titanic clash by bringing superfans John Beardmore and Ali Stokes together to debate the big issues around the crunch match.

Is Dan Biggar better than Owen Farrell? Is Warren Gatland more tactically astute than Eddie Jones? Check out the debate and comment below! Who are you backing to win?


Sexton and Ireland are busted flushes! Scotland v Ireland | A Tenner Says

Have Ireland and talisman Jonny Sexton been found out after England's stunning win in Dublin? Scotland fan John Anderson says so and is backing his side to pile on the misery for the Irish in Saturday's clash at Murrayfield. Who are you backing to win?

England face a rude awakening in Dublin! Ireland v England | A Tenner Says

Rugby fans Ali Stokes and Darren Cleary go head-to-head as Ireland prepare to host England in Dublin in the Six Nations. Who's your money going on?

Spurs aren't contenders - and NEVER will be! Chelsea v Spurs | A Tenner Says

Chelsea Fan TV's Rory Jennings and Spurs' Expressions trade barbs ahead of the sides' massive League Cup semi-final, with Jennings insisting the Blues will maintain their dominant trophy record of their north London rivals for years to come. Who do you think will have more success in the next five years?

Istanbul was a FLUKE - the Invincibles can never be beaten | Liverpool v Arsenal | A Tenner Says

Liverpool and Arsenal superfans Grizz Khan and Cheeky Sport Joel face-off ahead of the Christmas clash at Anfield, and get into a rather heated debate about what was the bigger achievement - the miracle of Istanbul or the Invincibles' undefeated season.

What do you think? Does unfancied Liverpool's incredible comeback in 2005 go down as the greatest? Or does it even come close to Arsene Wenger's unbeaten 2003/04 Invincibles?

Liverpool have ALWAYS been bigger than United! | Liverpool v Man Utd | A Tenner Says

Liverpool and United superfans Grizz Khan and Rants N Bants face-off ahead of the big clash at Anfield and get into a, shall we say, heated discussion about who's the bigger club, not only now, but in history.

What do you think? Do Liverpool with their five European Cups shade it? Or do United have the edge due to their Premier League title record?

Fergie's treble winners? This City team are BETTER! | City v United | A Tenner Says

Full-Time Devils' Adam McKola and Blue Moon Rising's Alex Hylton sat down ahead of the upcoming Manchester Derby to discuss the merits of this current City team versus United's '99 Treble winners. Who do you think would win a game between the two teams?

United won't win a title for FIVE YEARS! A Tenner Says | Wise v Brown | Chelsea v United

Dennis Wise and Wes Brown went head-to-head in the build-up to this weekend's big clash between Chelsea and Man United by asking which of the two could now be considered the bigger club.

The club legends sat down together for the second episode of our A Tenner Says series. as we asked them to back their instincts and put their money where their mouths are.

Wise reckoned United might struggle to attract players if they continue their league title drought as he backed Chelsea to win more and earn more top four spots in the next five years, while Brown insisted United's heritage would always give them the edge.

Check out the full debate and comment below - who do you think is now the bigger club?

A Tenner Says | Spurs v Liverpool | Sherwood v McAteer

Spurs and Liverpool clash at Wembley on Saturday but the battle has already started off the pitch, thanks to 888sport.

The online bookmaker brought together club legends Tim Sherwood and Jason McAteer to debate the respective merits of their former sides in the launch episode of its new online content series, A Tenner Says.

Urging Sherwood and McAteer to back their instincts, the debate carried the theme of 888sport’s new Take ‘Em On TV campaign, which embodies the spirit of punters who defy the naysayers to always stay faithful to their gut.

In the friendly yet passionate debate, the pair put their tenners on the table as they discussed, among other things, Kane v Salah, Poch v Klopp, transfer business, trophy chances and more.

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