Ryder Cup 2023

The 2023 Ryder Cup is behind us, and however you look at it, Europe dominated. Tyrell Hatton, Rory McIlroy, and Victor Hovland were among some of the Ryder Cup stars, but the entire team really played great golf. 

With European dominance and some of the players on the US team really struggling, I felt it was best to pull together a few of the things to keep in mind for the 2025 Ryder Cup. 

Watch Out For Tyrrell Hatton In These Events 

Tyrrell Hatton scored 3.5 points in the 2023 Ryder Cup. However, if you watched him play, you really got to see the magic. When Hatton is on the hunt, he turns things up and is really to roll down those birdies. 

Keep an eye on this guy throughout the year as he gets anywhere close to the top of the leaderboard. 

Rory Is Hard To Match Up

Rory grabbed 4 points for Europe, and it didn't come as all that much of a surprise. Let's face it, he's Rory McIlroy! 

Rory isn't the youngest guy on the squad anymore, so we will see how that plays into 2025, but I suspect the US is already wondering how they are going to pair anybody with him.  

Hat or no Hat Patty Ice Can Play 

There was lots of drama at the Ryder Cup about Patrick Cantlay not wearing a hat. He said the hat didn't fit; others said he wouldn't wear it because he wasn't getting paid to participate. 

Will we ever know the truth? 

Probably not.

However, we did see Patrick get married the day after the Ryder Cup, and he had no hat tan! 

Prep Work Is Different for Each Player 

There was plenty of talk about Europe choosing to spend long hours practicing as the Ryder Cup approached, where the US took some more time off. 

Let's face it: golfers practice how they want to practice. Even though this is a team event, the captain isn't going to tell Scottie Scheffler or Jon Rahm how they need to practice. 

When these types of discussions come up prior to the Ryder Cup 2025, let's ignore them. 

Max Homa is More Than Just The Guy Next Door

Max Homa always seems like the guy you want to run into when you head out for a quick nine at your golf course. 

However, in the 2023 Ryder Cup, he also earned 3.5 points. Homa can play and will likely be a leader instead of a rookie in 2025. 

Scottie Needs His Putter Back 

Scottie is just not the Scottie we knew in 2022. Have no fear; this guy's golf career is far from over. He had one of the best years ever when it came to ball striking. 

He just needs to get the ball in the hole. Expect Scottie to redeem himself in 2025. 

Home Team Advantage Is A Thing

Home team advantage is a thing in the Ryder Cup. The crowd is incredibly energetic and ready to see their guys win. For the 2025 Ryder Cup at Bethpage Black, the US will certainly have the upper hand when it comes to home team advantage. 

The only issue they will have is that extra 1/2 point they will have to earn to get the cup back. 

LIV vs. PGA: Did It Come Into Play?

The Ryder Cup is another one of those events where the LIV Tour golfers and the PGA Tour golfers have to come together and compete as teammates.

Years ago, when the tour was new, this was a big deal. For the 2023 Ryder Cup, most of that drama faded away. Brooks was an engaged member of the team, and although he didn't play all that well, it seemed as though he could hang with the PGA Tour guys without any trouble. 

I think I speak for all golfers when I say a little less LIV/PGA drama will only help the game in the next few years. 

Final Thoughts 

There are so many great things about the Ryder Cup, and of course, the one bad thing is the two year wait for the next one. While we wait it out, there will be plenty of great golf to watch (and play!). 

*Credit for all of the photos in this article belongs to AP Photo*

Britt Olizarowicz is a professional golfer and writer with more than 30 years of golf under her belt. She lives in Savannah, GA, and has worked for major golf publications and blogs, sharing her advice and experience in the game. When not on the golf course, expect to find Britt playing pickleball, boating, cooking, or running.