Time For Will Levis To Step Up To The Plate

I feel like Malik Willis has had his shot, and it seems that Will Levis' skill set aligns better with the Tennessee Titans’ strategy. They want to run the ball and take vertical passing shots.

Defenses will try to stop them, which takes a defender out of coverage, and they have to take advantage of the one-on-one matchups on the outside.

That's what Will did – he made check-down throws and then threw deep to DeAndre Hopkins, a reliable outside receiver who competes for the ball.

Will's skill set ignites the offense, both on and off the field. His attitude galvanizes the locker room, and people seem to resonate with his vibe. It's hard to predict what this means in the long term, but he has the opportunity to prove himself for the rest of the year.

And let's not forget DeAndre Hopkins – he's the man. You have to lean on him because he's proven himself in the past. It's all about letting him make it happen, just like he always has.

Are Mahomes And Chiefs A Bigger Threat Than Bengals In AFC?

One thing about Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs is that they are a championship team for a reason. They can recover from losses and mistakes because they know they can fix it.

Mahomes had an off week against the Broncos, but the Chiefs’ defense kept them in the game and it was his turnovers that hurt them. Now, they have a week to reflect on that and make sure it doesn't happen again.

Playing against great players after they've had a bad week is always intimidating for a player or a team, and I think we'll see them bounce back because of it.

Looking at the AFC, I believe the Bengals pose the biggest threat. However, the Chiefs are a formidable team and are determined to dethrone the champions. The key to their success is their defense, which is a new development.

They need to continue taking control of games, with Patrick Mahomes making the necessary plays. The beauty of this team is that, because of their strong defense, they can excel in situations that require them to be hot.

They might not score in bunches now, but they are capable of it, making them a dangerous team. The way the Bengals are currently performing, with Joe Burrow's health and the defense playing well, the AFC should be on high alert.

Are European Games Creating Positive Changes In The Sport?

I was in Munich last year and witnessed something I had never seen before, just like the first time I came to the UK to cover a game. It's a unique experience. The games in Germany have their own unique charm, making them exciting for players and fans.

Traveling to different cities in the U.S., fans often ask, "Have you been to a game here? This is how it is. It's cool." Now, it has gone international. People are saying, "You haven't been to a game in Germany yet? You have to go. It's crazy and wild."

These international games have become week-long events with parties and get-togethers. Fans get to experience it, and on the field, it's fun for everyone. I believe this is what NFL expansion is all about – playing games globally, especially now that we have an extra game.

Everyone can move around and play these games. It's an exciting development, and I'm thrilled to see it. One of the best aspects is that some of these games are played on neutral sites, allowing for the evaluation of international games during the season.

Antonio Pierce's Impact On The Raiders

When choosing a leader, players often have no say in the decision. The owner or someone else makes that decision, occasionally seeking advice from others.

In the case of Antonio Pierce, my former teammate and one of my closest friends, both the players and the organization have had a say in his selection as a leader. Las Vegas Raiders need an authentic person, someone the team can rally with, not just behind. That person is Antonio Pierce.

You can trust me when I say that watching this unfold will be outstanding. The Raiders are always in the news cycle because they are the Raiders, but this time, we'll be watching their games closely to see what this leadership looks like.

A former player, a middle linebacker, a team captain, a Super Bowl winner, and someone with great coaching success, now leading the troops – this is what it's all about. There aren't many people with that kind of credibility in the head coach position.

You often get guys with coaching credibility but not the kind Antonio Pierce brings. This is similar to what we're seeing in Houston with their head coach. This guy has led in the trenches.

People want to be led by authentic individuals who remain consistent in their approach, how they treat each person as an individual, and how they treat the group as a whole. I believe we'll see that in Antonio Pierce.

Bengals vs Bills: Can Joe Burrow Silence The Critics?

Joe Burrow may have received a pass from critics because of his injury, with some even blaming coaches and deflecting. People waited for him to get healthy, and now he is.

One of the biggest plays Cincinnati Bengals made in the last game was Joe moving around in the pocket, with the offensive line performing well. But when it came time for Joe to make a play, he did just that.

He is the X-factor, driving the team forward. It all depends on how he plays, and he has shown that, even at 80 or 90% health, he can make things happen.

When you think about the Bengals v. Bills game, it's exciting to see two heavyweight quarterbacks face off. But at this point, I'm considering who's riding the momentum

The Bills are coming off one of their best performances, but I'm looking at the defense. I prefer the Bengals' defense over the Bills, and that's where my leanings are.

Trade Deadline Moves: Chase Young Traded To 49ers, Williams Joins Seahawks

To win in the NFC and reach the Super Bowl, you must control the line of scrimmage. The 49ers will likely face either Philly, Dallas, or the Lions, and these teams can dominate the line of scrimmage. So, protecting your deep back is crucial due to the limited depth available.

To excel, you need to strengthen your front line. While Nick Bosa may not have been racking up sacks, he's been applying pressure. When you pair him with someone like Chase Young, and they're college buddies, it becomes a scary prospect.

And it’s the same kind of move with the Seahawks with Leonard Williams, they believe they can win the NFC West, and they're currently leading. They think that gaining home-field advantage is their quickest path to dominating NFC teams.

Their focus is on controlling the line of scrimmage, and Williams fits perfectly into this strategy. He's a former USC guy with Pete Carroll, so he'll seamlessly integrate into the locker room.

Matchup Of The Week: Chiefs vs Dolphins In Germany

The matchup between Kansas City and the Miami Dolphins is the one to watch. Both teams have talented quarterbacks, explosive offenses, and star players with something to prove.

Tyreek Hill wants to excel against his former team, Jalen Ramsey has returned, Travis Kelce aims to bounce back, and the cultural impact of the game is bound to be exciting. 

It's a game where every player wants to give their best since both teams head into the bye week after this, and nobody wants to enter the break on the back of a loss.

It's a matchup teed up for greatness.

Former NFL star Jason Bell has a wealth of American football experience, playing in 82 regular season games during his time in the league.

Now making regular television appearances at NFL events in the UK, Bell is one of the best pundits on this side of the Atlantic Ocean.

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