Eagles in scary situation for the playoffs

The fans, players and staff at the Philadelphia Eagles will definitely be questioning things after their defeat to the Arizona Cardinals.

At this point in the year they have to know their identity and know what things click for them, but I’m not sure they do. 

A season really has four quarters and by the fourth quarter you want to know who in your team is really hot.

You need to be able to lean on players who you know will perform and plays that will work – they don’t have that. That is scary for them because you don’t want to be still trying to figure things out going into the playoffs. 

Every week we’re asking questions about them and that is not a good place to be in heading into the playoffs. 

Raiders squad wants Antonio Pierce to stay

I definitely think that Antonio Pierce should be named Raiders Head Coach permanently because I have seen him lead – that is what you’re looking for. I think Mark Davis will have seen that and the players also recognise it.

The players performances are telling Mark Davis that Pierce is their guy, so if he goes another route then he could be in very dangerous territory. 

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If Davis chooses someone else, whoever it is will be the team’s second choice. That is not good.

If he doesn’t go with Pierce, then whoever is in that seat will have to a lot to prove. Everyone in the Raiders locker room wants Antonio Pierce. 

Jason Bell’s NFL awards:

MVP: Lamar Jackson

It’s looking like Lamar is going to be the MVP and I actually made that prediction at the start of the season.

I thought he could be the MVP, but I actually still thought that Kansas City would be the better team. The Chiefs could still be really scary but the Ravens look seriously good.

Offensive Player of the Year: Tyreek Hill

Tyreek Hill would have to be my pick for Offensive Player of the Year and I actually think he should have made a better case to be the MVP. 

Rookie: CJ Stroud 

There isn’t too much more that can be said about CJ Stroud that we haven’t already heard. He is my obvious pick for Rookie of the Year.

Defensive Player of the Year: Myles Garrett 

The Defensive player of the year is the toughest one for me. I’ll stick with Myles Garrett because that Browns defence is playing so well and he has torn teams apart this season. I’ve enjoyed watching him this year.

The other big contender for me is Micah Parsons because he literally obliterates teams. Even when it doesn’t look like he’s wrecking shop, he’s still wrecking shop. He shows up on the highlight reels almost every game. 

2024 Draft set to be an exciting one

At this point in the year nobody can truly know what is going to happen in the draft.

Nobody knows anything until the Bears decide what they are going to do. It really comes down to who is willing to pay up. 

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It is going to be an exciting drafts because it is not just quarterbacks coming through and we still have to wait and see what Chicago do.

There are so many moving points which means we need to be locked into what happens in the off-season. 

A few games catch the eye in Week 18

Buffalo Bills @ Miami Dolphins is obviously the big game in Week 18 given that it is the battle for the AFC East, but there are a couple others that I have got my eye on.

Indianapolis Colts @ Dallas Texans and Tennessee Titans @ Jacksonville Jaguars should also be great games. The Jaguars Titans game is a really big one because that will lock up the AFC South. They’re all big matchups.

Green Bay Packers @ Chicago Bears is another big one because the Bears could knock the Packers out. Justin Fields is playing for his future and they’re playing for a playoff spot. The two teams simply don’t like each other and it is going to be an epic battle.

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