The end of the road for Belichick?

What Bill Belichick has done at New England is unbelievable given how difficult it has been to be a head coach in the NFL over the past 10 years.

There comes a time for everyone when they just need a reset and something needs to change, and this might be that time

I never really thought this would happen and you’d have to expect there is going to be some kind of trade-off involved because if you’re Robert Kraft, you don’t simply let Belichick go.

He will make sure he’s in the NFL in some capacity, there’s no doubt. It will be interesting to see him adapting to a new team in this current environment if and when it happens, but I don’t see this being the end.

He’s still got his heart set on the most coaching wins of all time and I’d be pretty confident he’ll be back. When you look around the league there is zero chance that all 32 teams would pass up on Bill Belichick given what his record and what’s he done for New England.

Can Dallas finally mount a Super Bowl challenge?

The Dallas Cowboys have to be in the Super Bowl conversation now.

We’re going to be able to judge them better based on what they do in the play-offs because that is where their problems have been previously, so it is all about whether or not they can get the job done in the post-season.

Who knows if they’ll do it when the pressure is on, but they look like a proper football team right now.

Dak Prescott is playing his best football ever and the way head coach Mike McCarthy is calling plays on the offense is great too. Everything they’re doing is working out well, with the defence is standing up to the challenge.

There is no question this is a Super Bowl team, they just need to keep doing what they’re doing. They are a top four team in the NFL right now who should have their sights set on Vegas.

Patrick Mahomes

I don’t think Patrick Mahomes has damaged his reputation at all, despite his outburst after the defeat to Buffalo last week. It’s just not how he usually acts so it has caught people off guard.

He was frustrated but he is a really good team player who, despite getting the majority of the attention, is always looking out for his teammates.

Sometimes players get frustrated and you end up having a go at someone about something that doesn’t even matter because you just need to project your emotions.

He was frustrated so he projected that towards the referee. People shouldn’t be shocked by it because it was just an expression of the emotions that every player feels throughout the game.

There are so many ups and downs over a season and the reality is that sometimes, when the pressure is really on, you just can’t keep it all together as you’d want to.

Next week’s standout games

I’m really interested in a couple of the games that week 15 has to offer. The first one is the Vikings @ Bengals game because I really want to see this Vikings defence again.

They are struggling to score points but their defence has been one of the best for a while now and I want to see them up against the Bengals who are looking decent. That should be a good matchup.

The Cowboys @ Bills game on Sunday is the one that I am really locked in on. The Bills are coming off the back of a victory and they’re starting to get the ship sailing in the right direction, so this is going to be a real battle.

Both of these teams have playmakers and that is what you want to see – guys that can take over a game.

If Dak Prescott can outshine Josh Allen then how could anyone say that he isn’t the MVP, he’s certainly on his way to it. You only become the MVP if you play like one against another guy who can perform at that level.

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