Patriots v Bills

Last Sunday was a got to have it game for the Patriots and I definintely think it could be a turning point for them.

They always give teams a hard time and when Bill Belichick has all of his defensive backs at his disposal they can put together a good game plan.

It feels now like the Bills are going backwards because they started well, and you can see other teams improving as the season goes on, but they seem to be getting worse.

There are a lot of question marks hanging over this Bills team at the moment, but it was a great result for the Patriots nonethelss.

Back To Basics For Josh Allen

The Bills ask for a lot out of Josh Allen and the offense really just seems to be them relying on him to make a play.

We critique the coordinator a lot and his play calling and play design because it just doesn’t look great. When a player is struggling you have to just go back to basics.

As a player you have to think abaout your technique, and as a play caller you realy have to think about what your fundamentals are.

They need to find out their core identity as a team and I just can’t see what it is for the Bills. At the moment it is just the Josh Allen show and that is a difficult place to be when you’re in a rough patch.

They can still turn things around and we will have to wait and see what happens, but right now they don’t look like a team that anyone in the AFC should be worried about.

Lamar Jackson Starring Alongside Best Defence In The NFL

Lamar Jackson is the MVP frontrunner right now. It’s him and Patrick Mahomes at the moment for me. The way Lamar is playing is just magnificent.

They had the matchup of the week against the Detroit Lions and for the Ravens to go out there and perfrom the way they did was great. It looked like Lamar was the best player on the field and that is the sign of an MVP.

They were stuggling with the red zone from previous weeks and he changed all of that. The play design was good and it had intinuity. When they put the ball in Lamar’s hands, things happened and that is exactly what you want to see.

The way the Raven’s offence is flowing at the moment, Lamar looks to be getting comfortable with it and their defence is the best in the NFL.

But can he produce it in the playoffs…

We haven’t really seen Lamar do it in the playoffs yet, but this season the way he has developed could be key to him keeping at it in the playoffs.

He’s throwing the ball over the middle more and that is what you have to do in this league, especially if you are able to run the ball effectively.

The way his offence is at the moment and the way he’s throwing the ball is what you have to do to win those playoff rounds, then it comes down to whether or not he can stay fully fit all year. That’s what we want to see.

Having Taylor Swift In The crowd Helps Travis Kelce

Travis Kelce had one of his best games yet against the Chargers last week and I think Taylor Swift being in the stands actually helps.

As a player, when you have a loved one in the stands it helps you because you are out there playing for them.

The chemistry that him and Patrick Mahomes are putting on display is unique and it is a great example of why you keep players together.

You don’t get that connection without a ton of repetition together. The way they are constantly coming up with new plays is just fascinating and it really is a game changer.

Matt LaFleur Comes Under The Spotlight

I think the Green Bay Packers as an organisation have to understand that they are feeling like the rest of the league has felt when they don’t have a quarterback, but Matt La Fleur is certainly one in the spotlight as well.

They have had so much quarterback security in previous years and they’ve never had to deal with this kind of situation, but these are the ups and downs of quarterbacks.

They brought LaFleur in to be a great offensive coordinator and play designer so the spotlight is on him and he is going to be critiqued as a coach for sure.

Bryce Young Selection Is About More Than Just One Game

CJ Stroud versus Bryce Young is one of the big talking points this weekend. I don’t think that if Bryce Young wins this game that it automatically justifies him being the number one pick.

This game doesn’t come into that because his number one selection was based on what they saw in him as a whole, and he’s in a position right now where he can’t play to his strengths.

It’s really tough for Young this year because we’re not really seeing what or he can or cannot do. On the other hand, CJ Stroud is just lighting it up so it has been great for him. It is great for the Texans as a whole because they got their quarterback.

Still No Need To Worry For 49ers Fans

The 49ers had a tough loss against the Minnesota Vikings but I still don’t think their fans need to be worried.

They obviously have certain things which they need to work on, when you look at things like the fact that they didn’t apply any pressure on Kirk Cousins early on in the game.

Some questionable defensive calls happened and that is something which they will definitely need to work on.

They need to make sure that the coordinator understands the philosophy of what they’re trying to do as a team. You can’t go with zero coverage. They just have face up to it and go and fix it.

This team has a lot of pride and they have some great players so I’m sure they will find a way to get past it. That is what championship teams do and I expect them to be on a collision course with the Eagles.

People Will Be Waiting For Brock Purdy To Fall Off

Brock Purdy has been seeing a bit of hate after staying on the field after suffering that blow to the head, but he obviously must have thought that he was still okay to play.

As a player, you’re out there to play and he’s the starter for a reason. He gives his team the best chance of winning and if he thought he could play and wasn’t concussed then he has to go out there and ball.

I understand why people would make comments. The thing with Brock Purdy is that everyone is really fascinated by him playing so well in a team that wasn’t supposed to be as good as they are, so he is going to be critiqued.

Because there weren’t a lot of expectations everybody is waiting for him to fall off. People want to be proven right for not picking him high up and he will just have to deal with that.

Bengals v 49ers The Pick Of This Week's Games

I can’t wait to see this weekend game between the Bengals and the 49ers. I’ll be locked in on that game and I am just really want to see Joe Burrow against that 49ers defence.

Burrow is getting better and they’re on an upward trajectory, so it’ll be interesting to see how that goes up against the 49ers who will be wanting to bounce back from their loss.

I love seeing great teams and great quarterbacks play, especially when they’re up against a great defence. This match gives us all those things and I can’t wait for it!

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