Disappointing Ravens Lost Their Character

The Baltimore Ravens to me were the most complete team in the NFL. They had a Championship defence which really didn’t let the side down too much – it was their offence that did. 

The game against the Chiefs showed us that it is all about playing your best football and being in form at that exact moment.

The Ravens didn’t stick to what had been working so well for them and they got pushed out of the running element of the game. In the playoffs, you have to be able to do what you do best, even if the opposition try to stop it.

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The Ravens didn’t do what they had been doing all season, despite the fact that it was what got them to the playoffs in the first place.

They were trying to pass and be a drop-back team, it just didn’t work. They lost their character at the most valuable time. That was the most disappointing part – they didn’t go out playing their way. I feel for them. 

Mahomes has more talent that Brady

The Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes have had to overcome so much this season. They’ve had a great storyline and they’ve completely morphed into a new identity, now they’re back in the Super Bowl.

That is what Tom Brady had to do every year and we’re witnessing that with Mahomes now. 

We may never see this again, because we’re seeing a guy in Mahomes who has more talent than Tom Brady, who has the ability to chase greatness.

He is changing the way he goes about his game and that is what great players are to do. I’m excited to see him in the Super Bowl. 

Purdy can be “that guy” for San Fran

San Francisco have a team philosophy that is directed by one person, Kyle Shanahan, and it has worked.

The only thing that has prevented him from winning the Super Bowl is not having a guy like Patrick Mahomes; Brock Purdy can become that guy, but it will be hard to slay the dragon that is Mahomes.

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Confidence is key in the Super Bowl and Brock Purdy came back and made plays when the game was on the line against the Lions, so he will be full of confidence.

Not only does he now believe that he can get it done, but his teammates believe as well. That is a formula for success.

Kelce will be rolling for the Super Bowl 

Kyle Shanahan has to outwit Steve Spagnuolo’s Chiefs defence. That is the key.

This is what is so fascinating, when you look at the two teams, they are stacked with experience in play calling and head coaching but I don’t think Shanahan can outwit Andy Reid, so it will be all about who cracks first.

The thing about Chief’s head coach, Andy Reid, is that he knows how to win a game and he doesn’t tend to get pushed away from his own strategy. This game will be about who panics first. I just don’t know who that is going to be. 

Looking at Kansas City’s playmakers, Travis Kelce is not young so rest will be important, but he seemed so fresh last game. He is going to have two weeks off and that is when he can get on a roll.

The way Rashee Rice is playing as well, he sees the game in the same way as Mahomes so they’re both comfortable. That allows Kelce to find those open spaces. You watch them and just think ‘this is what great NFL football looks like’.

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