CJ Stroud could find Ravens’ defence a tough task

The next game for the Houston Texans is a real hurdle because they’re going up against, in my opinion, the best team in the NFL in the Baltimore Ravens – everybody is chasing them.

Both quarterbacks are playmakers in the moment and when their teams need them to turn it on, they can make things happen. 

If the Ravens’ defence shows up then it is going to be tough for CJ Stroud. I believe that he can give the Texans every chance but it’s going to be difficult. If they win this game, then who can’t they beat?

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They have an amazing set up and they a head coach with a philosophy that everyone believes in. Add to that a quarterback like CJ Stroud, what more do you need?

There is zero pressure on the Texans so this whole week will be good for them. We saw what pressure did to the Dallas Cowboys so this is a great opportunity for them. 

Ravens could easily slip into 2019 mindset

The thing about the playoffs is that you want to avoid an upset like the one that the Ravens suffered in 2019 at the hands of the Tennessee Titans.

Although the Ravens are the superior team here, if things start to go wrong in the moment they could easily go into a mindset of, ‘here we go again’ – then they’d be in trouble. 

Chiefs offence hitting stride at the right time

When you look at the Kansas City Chiefs, they really needed to figure out their identity again.

It’s hard when you’re at the top of the tree for so long because you think you can just keep doing everything in the same way, but things change. 

They had to lean more on their running game and let that be their engine. Rashee Rice has really stepped up to the plate and they’ve got Patrick Mahomes who can make plays. 

What is really going to keep you in games and make you dominant is your defence and they’ve never really been that kind of team.

Their defence used to come late in the season and turn up the heat, but now it’s the complete opposite and their defence has been much more dominant out of the gate.

That means the offence have had to catch up and evolve over the season, which they have. They’re hitting their stride now which is important.

Bills have no choice but to trust Josh Allen

The Buffalo Bills, similar to the Chiefs, are hitting their stride on offense now, but they’ve just had so many defensive injuries. As soon as Sean McDermott figured out how to adjust, they got another significant injury. 

That differential is why I believe that Kansas City are the favourites for this game. They just have more to offer on defence.

Buffalo Bills are left without a choice as to whether or not they can trust Josh Allen in these moments.

They’re giving him rhythm throws and trying to run the ball, but when it’s time for something to happen it becomes the Josh Allen show.

They have to live and die by the fact that, when you get to those moments when the game is on the line and a play has to be made, Josh Allen has to do it for you. 

Jordan Love can outplay Brock Purdy

Jordan Love is playing the best football of his career at the moment and I think he can outplay Brock Purdy.

Purdy has more weapons but the Packers offence has good players in every offensive position. They might not have the household names but they’re up there in terms of talent level.

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The difference is that the 49ers defence is much better than the Packers’. That’s the real battle and it is going to be rough on Jordan Love, he’s going to have to make some plays.

The Packers are in a tough situation right now.

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