Taylor Swift Isn't The Problem But Rice Could Be The Solution

I think the Chiefs have every reason to be concerned right now, but it has nothing to do with Taylor Swift.

She’s obviously not affecting Travis Kelce because he’s actually been the only one really performing for them, it’s finding other receiving threats that is the problem. 

Kelce and Swift’s relationship looks to be going easy at the moment, and Kansas will be wishing their offense looked that steady because it is struggling right now.

Kansas used to be the kind of team that, no matter the circumstances or how poorly they were playing, they could just turn it on out of nowhere – they seem to have lost that ability recently.

The Chiefs are crying out for another number two but at this point in the season their options are limited. We’re in the final stages of the season with the playoffs just around the corner, so one of their receivers needs to really step up.

Rashee Rice looks the most likely but he’s a rookie. If he does have to become the main man then it is going to take a toll on him, because as a rookie he will have never played such a volume of games at a high intensity before.

Then questions start getting asked about whether he will physically be able to handle such relentless football as a rookie, so it will be tough for him.

Sure It Hurts But Eagles Will Learn From 49ers Defeat

The main thing for the Eagles is that they learn from the 49ers defeat, and then don't repeat their mistakes. One of the things that is good about Jalen Hurts, is that he is not the kind of player to make the same mistakes again.

He’s not at his best at the moment and that could be down to teams figuring him out. He’s been forced into the pocket and he seemed to end up pressuring himself, rather than being pressured by the 49ers defence.

If teams catch on to that being the way to nullify him, and I’m sure they will, then he will have to figure out a way to combat that.

The Eagles losing their offensive coordinator has definitely been a major issue. The good thing for them is that there is still time to fix their issues, and as long as someone like Jalen Hurts has time to work on his game, he will do just that.

The 49ers game may even end up being a positive for him when he looks back, because it will teach him how to react and change when teams find a way to play against him, and I’m sure he will bounce right back.

Eagles At Cowboys This Week's Number 1 Game

For me, the Eagles travelling to Dallas is the pick of this week’s games. The Eagles are coming off a loss and will desperately want to bounce back.

The Cowboys did beat the Seahawks last time out but it was less than convincing, and they will want to put in a show in front of their fans – this is going to be a really interesting one to watch.

The other games I’ll be keeping an eye on this week are the Rams @ Ravens and Bills @ Chiefs games.

The Ravens are coming off a bye week and should be fresh, so it’ll be interesting to see how they perform, but the Rams are looking dangerous under Sean McVay.

Everybody thought they were down and out, but McVay and his team have turned it around with a three-game winning streak which is great to see. 

Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes are going to be the talk of the town in Kansas this week with an epic battle of the quarterbacks on the cards. Both of these guys are under a bit of pressure right now and will want to prove any doubters wrong because they are the stars of their teams.

Josh Allen is used to being the best player every time he steps onto the field – but that won’t be the case up against Patrick Mahomes. These two are going to put on a show, and something big might just happen.

Prescott Has To Perform Against Eagles

Consistency is key when it comes to picking up the MVP trophy, you have to be performing week-in, week-out, and that’s exactly what Dak Prescott has to do if he wants to be considered a frontrunner for the award.

I think he probably is one of the leading candidates this year, but that means he has to turn up against the Eagles this weekend to solidify that status – he can only stay there if he keeps his levels up.

Winning the MVP would be amazing for Dak as well as the Cowboys as an organisation – I don’t think I’ve ever seen an MVP winner from “America’s Team”.

He’s having the best season of his life this year, and it’s no surprise because he’s hit that 30-year-old mark, which is when quarterbacks tend to really flourish.

If he can maintain these levels of performance on a consistent basis, there’s no reason why he can’t be the highest earner in the NFL.

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