Time to celebrate what Belichick and Carroll have done

Every year there is talk about people coming to the end of their careers, whether it be coaches or players. With Bill Belichick it seems like we’ve talked about it every off-season for the past few years now.

With people like him and Pete Carroll it comes down to not necessarily whether they can do a job, but more whether they just want to sit back and enjoy life.

Coaching is a real grind and it takes a specials kind of person to do it for as long as those guys have.

You just don’t expect all these things to happen at once, that’s the only real surprise. This is an avalanche but it is going to make for some great conversations.

Now we just need to celebrate what they have done in the game – more people need to do that. They have been unbelievable and Pete Carroll is still going to be involved so he can help any new Head Coach that comes in.

Vrabel sacking the most surprising

The Black Monday news that surprised me most was the Tennessee Titans sacking Mike Vrabel.

I now think the New England Patriots job fits him perfectly. Everything about it makes sense given his relationship with the Krafts and the city.

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He is a great coach who knows the culture and can also put his own unique spin on it. He’s a different type of person to Belichick so I can’t see how it wouldn’t end up going in that direction. 

Patriots and Seahawks coaches will both be under pressure

There is definitely going to be pressure on both of the new Head Coaches of the Patriots and the Seahawks.

Both will be replacing legends and when you go in after a winning coach, regardless of what happened, then you are going to experience pressure.

There will be more eyeballs on the Patriots just because of who they are and the brand that they represent.

There will still be pressure at the Seahawks but they will still have Pete Carroll in the building to help the new Head Coach

Now or never for Jim Harbaugh in the NFL

It will always be the right time for Jim Harbaugh to step into the NFL because he is a good coach who has done well everywhere he has been. He isn’t just some guy coming from college football who is yet to prove anything, he is an NFL coach. 

It would be hard to leave Michigan after winning a national championship, that is the tough part.

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However, I think people will know he wants to be in the NFL and each year he is in the circuit of names for different vacancies, he’s just waiting for the right opportunity.

I think he will go to the NFL because, at some point, time runs out with how hot you are as a candidate and I think he is at the peak of that right now.

If he is going to make the move to the NFL, then he has to do it now.

Antonio Pierce is a win-win for the Raiders

The Las Vegas Raiders offering Antonio Pierce the Head Coach role needs to happen.

Mark Davis obviously has his processes and he is going to do whatever he needs to do and he still needs to pick a General Manager. 

I think Pierce is the frontrunner and I know that the Raiders fanbase is behind him and so are the players. It is just about whether Mark Davis actually understands that Pierce is the best option.

It is kind of a win-win for Davis because he needs to fanbase to trust him. If he picks Pierce and it doesn’t work out then it is not going to be that bad for him, because the fanbase will understand why he did it.

If he doesn’t pick Pierce, they will be onto him.

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