Russell Wilson trade one of the worst in Broncos history

There are definitely going to be teams in the NFL who want Russell Wilson and someone like the Washington Commanders could be one of them. His issues at the Broncos appear to be solely financial so it’s not like he’s playing badly.

They may not be winning but he is certainly still playing better than last year and he has operated his offence consistently. It just seems like both parties, from a financial standpoint, are ready to move on. 

It’s not a great situation for him but now is an opportunity for someone of his stature to see that this is the reality of the NFL, it doesn’t always go your way. He’ll be just fine because he’s already made a lot of money and somebody else will want him – these things happen. 

In hindsight, it is without a doubt one of the worst trades in recent times for the Broncos, and the worst part is that they gave him the contract extension without seeing him play. They didn’t have to do that but they did it to make him feel comfortable and it really hasn’t worked out. 

Lamar Jackson to cement MVP status

I could definitely see Lamar Jackson cementing his MVP status with a win over Miami this weekend, especially after his performance against the 49ers last time out. He could make himself the clear frontrunner and start to widen the gap to second even further.

The Dolphins defence are playing well so that would add another factor if he were to perform against them.

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Then he would have to outplay both Tua Tagovailoa and Tyreek Hill, and if he can be clearly the most dominant player on the field against those two, how could you argue against him being the MVP? 

Not only are Miami playing well at the moment but they have a great defensive coordinator which is key.

He is going to throw a very unique game plan at Lamar to try to take away what he does well, so it will be a great test for him. 

Damar is the Comeback Player of the Year, but Flacco… oh my goodness!

When you look at what Damar Hamlin has had to go through, it is understandable that he is the frontrunner for the Comeback Player of the Year – nobody will ever forget that. 

When I look at Joe Flacco I just think, oh my goodness! He was gone. He came out of nowhere in the first place so with what he has done to come back, you have to give him his credit.

Baker Mayfield is a similar one but Baker had more life to him because he was chosen to be a starter and he was a trusted player, Flacco came from nowhere.

Lessons to be learned from Deebo Samuel prank

What happened with Deebo Samuel getting pranked is just crazy. These guys don’t really get on the phone and talk to each other anymore and this kind of stuff can happen when it’s just over text.

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At some point you have to get on the phone and confirm who you’re talking to.

There are lessons to be learned here and one of those is that private conversations should never be shared, no matter how frustrated you are. The other one is that maybe he should change his number!

Dolphins @ Ravens the game to watch

For this week’s game to watch, I would have to go with the Miami Dolphins @ Baltimore Ravens.

It is matches like these that you want to see later in the season because everything is on the line and there are so many storylines with players and coaches on both sides, not to mention Super Bowl and MVP contenders.

These teams are trying to prove who will reign supreme in the AFC and it will be so fun to watch!

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