• Max Whitlock is one of the stars of Team GB and a five-time Olympic medallist 

  • His net worth is believed to be between $1 million and $5 million 

  • Whitlock is a medal hopeful for Team GB at the delayed Tokyo Olympics this summer

Max Whitlock is familiar with Olympics success. Still only 28 years old, Whitlock already has five Olympic medals to his name, and he heads to this summer’s Tokyo Games among the sports betting favourites.

Team GB are hoping for more Olympic glory for Whitlock. He’s at his peak right now and heads to Japan as the defending champion in floor exercise and the Pommel Horse.

Read on for more on Whitlock net worth and how his life has changed since breaking onto the scene…

Max Whitlock Net Worth

Max Whitlock net worth isn’t a particularly popular topic. Where the wealth of other Olympians is covered across various sites, Whitlock’s financial situation is more difficult to find information about.

Celebsagewiki.com estimates Whitlock has a net worth in the region of $1 million and $5 million. Whitlock has numerous endorsements. Weston Homes and the gymnast have worked together for many years.

Following his glorious 2016 Olympics campaign, it was reported by the Mirror that Whitlock was in for an endorsement windfall of £2 million.

How old is Max Whitlock?

Max Whitlock is 28 years old. He was born on 13th January 1993 in Hemel Hampstead. Whitlock competed in his first Olympics in London in 2012 when he was still just a teenager.

Whitlock is four years younger than Kōhei Uchimura, who is one of the most successful male gymnasts of all-time.

Uchimura has qualified for the 2021 Games in what is believed to be his last shot at Olympic gold. His longevity, though, serves as an example to Whitlock of how much longer he has left.

The Hemel Hempstead-born Team GB star isn’t drinking at the Olympics last chance saloon just yet.

Tokyo is a massive opportunity for Whitlock, but while gymnasts peak earlier than in many other sports, winning medals in your thirties isn’t a far-fetched dream.

Max Whitlock Wife

Max Whitlock married Leah Hickton in July 2017. They first met when Whitlock moved to Essex as a 12-year-old. Fittingly, it was at South Essex Gymnastics club that they first became aware of each other.

Whitlock took a while to stump up the courage to ask for Hickton’s number, however. Their relationship went from strength to strength from there on, but it wasn’t a smooth process trying to propose.

With both working to such hectic schedules, Whitlock had the ring for a year before he popped the question. Trying to book a holiday away together, he eventually got down on one knee on an arranged trip to the Lake District.

Max Whitlock Wedding

Max Whitlock and Leah Hickton had been a couple for a decade when they tied the knot in July 2017. Following Whitlock’s Olympic glory, it was inevitably an event which attracted plenty of media attention.

In true celebrity fashion, there was a posed photoshoot with OK! Magazine, and countless reports in tabloid newspapers and celebrity-driven websites.

Speaking about the afternoon, Whitlock explained how emotional he was when it came to time to do his speech.

The gymnast said, “Forget the Olympics, that speech was the most nerve-wracking thing I’ve ever done! I wish I could’ve been a bit more fluent, but I found it so emotional and overwhelming.”

He continued, discussing how it feels to be married after being in such a long-term relationship.

“After being together nearly ten years, you do wonder what will really change between you when you get married, but it definitely feels different. I feel like we’re closer and more in love than ever before.”

Hickton summed up the couple’s feelings about their big day, “I loved looking around the room during dinner knowing that every person in the world who meant something to us was there. We felt so special.”

Max Whitlock Baby

Max Whitlock and his wife, Leah Hickton, had their first child in February 2019. Whitlock’s daughter is called Willow.

Just like the wedding being covered in OK!, Hello Magazine had an exclusive with Whitlock and Hickton following the birth of Willow.  The decorated Olympian spoke proudly in the feature.

He said, "Results are so important to me – gym is what I’ve done since I was seven years old – but having a child is like nothing else, and the feeling is crazy.

"Willow is definitely my proudest achievement. She's so happy and already smiling – it's definitely not just wind! – and she’s just such a chilled baby. We’re very lucky."

Max Whitlock House

With everyone forced to stay at home, Max Whitlock’s fans got plenty of opportunities to see his house on social media.

Whitlock became somewhat of a sensation with his home workout videos, using various furniture in his house to keep in shape. He joined other celebrities by sharing home workouts for others to follow.

While this might not be influencing betting tips today any time soon, it’s well worth checking out how Max Whitlock used his home in difficult circumstances.

Max Whitlock Pommel Horse

Max Whitlock has excelled in various disciplines, including team, floor exercise and all around. The Pommel Horse is his most successful event, however, winning two Olympic medals and countless other successes.

Whitlock won the gold in Rio in 2016 on the Pommel Horse, and is also a three-time world champion, most recently winning in 2019. He did the world and European Championships double that year.

Alongside his two Olympic golds, Whitlock has three bronze medals. He’s picked up five silvers at the World Championships, too, and has enjoyed plenty of success at the Commonwealth Games, including a trio of golds in Glasgow in 2014.

Max Whitlock Instagram

From action shots to family snaps and promotional material, Max Whitlock is very active on Instagram. He’s amassed north of 200,000 followers, making him one of the most popular members of Team GB on the platform.

Whitlock has over 1,600 posts, and regularly updates his story. Follow his account @maxwhitlock

*Credit for the main photo belongs to Matthias Schrader / AP Photo*


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