Mahomes has to go back-to-back in pursuit of Brady

I hope Patrick Mahomes feels as though this is the time for him to cement his legacy, because that is the pressure he needs to go out and play the way he has to.

You never know when you’ll next get back to the Super Bowl, it is very hard. He has to secure back-to-back Super Bowls to chase down Tom Brady’s legacy.

Everyone will say to him that Brady went back-to-back, so if he can secure this one then Brady better watch out! Brady wants to be the best of all-time and he won’t want Mahomes coming for him.

Mahomes has more talent than Brady and he has the ability to chase greatness. He has had to overcome so much this season, that is what Tom Brady had to do every year and we’re witnessing that with Mahomes now.

This year has been so unique given what this Kanas City Chiefs team has achieved and how they’ve had to evolve. Great champions can win in different ways and this is the first time they’ve had to morph into a new identity and it’s worked out.

Winning the Super Bowl would show everyone in the NFL and the wider sporting community that they have the unique ability to play in any way necessary to become champions.

They were the darlings of the NFL and the Super Bowl, but now people are getting a bit tired of them. Having people against you will only motivate them and give them fuel for the game.

Taylor Swift is great for the NFL

I feel like there is less coverage of Taylor Swift than people actually make out. She is not on the TV as much as we think during NFL games.

However, why shouldn’t she be? The NFL and sports in general spend a ton of money trying to get stars to their events, she’s coming to the NFL to watch her boyfriend!

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I don’t understand why people get so upset about the coverage around Taylor Swift. People are miserable and some people just don’t like anything! They will complain but if we listened to those people then our lives would be boring. 

It is great for the NFL. When I was a player I always thought what held us back was our helmets… nobody could see our faces!

Now people see players’ faces and personalities, it’s no longer just the top two people on the team that people know about. It is great for the NFL and the athletes themselves – it’s perfect. 

Purdy will believe in his ability to deliver

Brock Purdy can definitely deliver. He is built for this moment because I feel like he has faced so much adversity that the ability to overcome challenges is just who he is.

He seems steadfast in his belief in himself and his team. He thinks as though he is a cog in the wheel and he just wants the best for his team, which is how you have to think in team sports. Tom Brady didn’t win the Super Bowls by himself!

If the Chiefs jump on them quick and the 49ers suffer a flurry of early punches, that is when the Mahomes and Travis Kelce machine starts moving. That is what they have to prevent. 

49ers will have to win the game on offense

I don’t think the 49ers can win the game on defence. They will have to steal possession and win the game on offence.

They have to win this game on a drive where the game is tight and you either have to close out the game and keep the ball away from Mahomes, or score.

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In both of those scenarios they will need good offensive play. 

They have their work cut out for them and the defensive line have to have their best game of the season. They have to show up and stop the run. 

Super Bowl scoreline and MVP prediction 

I think the Super Bowl MVP is going to be a quarterback. If Brock Purdy pulls this off then it will be him because he will seriously have to make some throws. If the Chiefs win then it will obviously be Patrick Mahomes.

If not, it could be Christian McCaffrey for the 49ers and they’ll want to give it to him. 

My prediction for the game is 21 – 17 to the Kansas City Chiefs.

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