Politics isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but for those interested in Labour vs Conservative and Democrats vs Republicans, betting on politics can be very exciting.

Ahead of the upcoming Presidential Election and looming General Election in the UK, politics betting tips are an absolute must for keen followers.

Whether you are looking at next Prime Minister odds, betting on which party will win most seats at the next election or backing Brexit to go through next year, 888sport is the place to be for politics betting. 

Politics Betting Tips: Guide

  1. Top Political Betting Markets

  2. UK Politics Betting

  3. US Election Betting

  4. Best Election Bet Tips

  5. Political Prediction Market

A relatively modern concept, politics betting has hit new heights in recent years.

With major votes on Brexit, as well as General Election betting throughout the year, there has been plenty of scope for punters to get involved in politics betting.

Without further ado, it is time to get stuck into our top tips for betting on politics.

Whether you are wanting to bet on UK politics or need advice regarding US presidential election odds, this guide contains everything you need to know.

Top Political Betting Markets

Political betting online odds have become widely available in recent years, with bookmakers offering markets on a range of political elections and events.

For those who want to bet on politics, it is refreshing to see odds on elections, not only in the United Kingdom and the United States, but in Australia and Norway as well.

The most popular markets are always going to revolve around general election betting and presidential election odds but other betting tips are perhaps more interesting.

With Donald Trump and Joe Biden set to go head to head in the 2020 presidential election betting, punters can find odds on a range of markets relating to US politics.

In some cases, bookmakers may offer politics betting specials on certain political leaders. In the case of Trump, you can bet on Trump lasting the entirety of his term or for his presidency to be cut short.

Long term bets like this are particularly interesting. The ever-changing nature of politics can give punters a chance to secure lucrative odds, especially during a testing period.

Over in Australia, federal election odds are available – punters can find Australian politics odds at 888sport. As was the case in the UK back in 2010, a political coalition leads the way in the betting.

UK Politics Betting

Politics betting in the United Kingdom is very different to politics betting on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.

While the media bills up the General Election as a race for number 10, it is more about the winning party and politics odds are available well in advance.

Bookmakers tend to offer politics betting markets on a range of outcomes, including but not limited to the next Conservative leader, who will win most seats at the next General Election and even for a specific party to win a certain number of seats.

Politics Betting UK
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As is the case with most sports betting, staying ahead of the game and familiarising yourself with current affairs.

Breaking news can have a significant impact on politics odds so it is well worth finding a number of trusted publications to ensure you are up-to-date with the latest politics gossip.

Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak has been tipped up as a future successor to Prime Minister Boris Johnson but that will leave a gaping hole in the Cabinet.

Therefore, if you expect Sunak to take over as Prime Minister, it might be worth looking at the next chancellor odds – particularly if there is a leading candidate.

US Election Betting

However, the biggest draw when it comes to politics betting is the United States presidential election. If you look at the politics oddschecker information, the US election is up there with one of the most popular betting events.

The build-up to the presidential race goes on for an eternity, with millions of eager politics fans following the Democrats vs Republicans battle.

Campaign rallies are aplenty but ultimately when it comes down to election day, people have to make a choice. In 2016, it was either bet Trump or bet Clinton. In 2020, Trump will bid to secure another four years in the White House.

US politics betting odds are fascinating, with plenty of twists and turns in the run-in to an election. With so much focus on the presidential candidates in the media, odds can change very quickly indeed.

Most bookmakers will offer politics betting odds on the US election but some of the markets can be quite specific so you may need to shop around if your politics bet taste is niche.

While one punter may wish to simply bet on the US presidential election winner, another may be interested in backing the result in a specific state.

Best Election Bet Tips

Following top politics betting tips can prove prudent but ultimately, it should always be your choice. Your decision is final and you should always trust your own judgment when betting on politics.

Having said that, there are a number of viable sources that passionate politics fans can use to help with placing a bet on politics.

First and foremost, news trends and polls are vital. These may not always be accurate when it comes to the election result but they can certainly give an indicator as to whether betting odds are fair and accurate.

According to the latest US election polls, America could be set for a changing of the guard in the White House. Trump’s stock is tumbling and 2020 politics betting tips are hinting at Joe Biden to become the 46th president of the United States.

Political Prediction Market

One of our top politics tips for punters is to find an informative political prediction market. This can be the difference between success and failure when it comes to betting on politics.

As is the case with most prediction models, following political prediction markets does not guarantee betting success but it can certainly help punters to gain a clearer picture of the political landscape.

While is no real betting exchange specific for politics, punters can use key information from credible sources to gain an advantage when it comes to politics betting.

Take the EU Referendum for example. The Brexit odds were against the Leave Party but the signs were there – the bookmakers got it wrong on that occasion.

Most importantly, always place enjoyment at the heart of politics betting. With access to the biggest political odds, punters should consider betting on politics here at 888sport.

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