What is LUCKY 15 BET?

The Lucky 15 betting derives its name from the fact that it comprises of 15 different bets on a total of four selections. As we have come across before in our guide, the inclusion of singles means this is a full coverage bet. You only need to have one winner included to see some return on your initial stake.

Let’s begin with answering before we move on, here is a quick definition that will answer the question, what is a Lucky 15 bet?


A Lucky 15 bet is similar to a Yankee bet but also has singles included. It consists of 15 bets on four selections in different events i.e. four singles, six doubles, four trebles and one fourfold accumulator. One or more selection must be successful to have a return. A £1 Lucky 15 costs £15. A £1 each-way Lucky 15 costs £30.

To place a Lucky 15 bet, you must choose four Lucky 15 bet header illustrationapplicable selections and choose your stake per line (note the combined number of selections is 15, so the total stake is 15 x unit stake/stake per line).

As with the Trixie bet and Yankee bets that we have looked at, the Lucky 15 bet is a popular bet with horse racing bettors.

Bet Calculator

Once you have done your homework on a day’s racing or a particular race meeting, the Lucky 15 is a good way of combining selections and covering all permutations to give you the best chance of earning a profit if you are successful.



As we have discussed previously in our guide, starting prices can help determine whether or not a ‘win only’ or an ‘each-way’ Lucky 15 is the best option when placing your bet.

When you have selected your four horses for this bet, if they are all well fancied for their races and therefore relatively short in the betting, it is probably best to go with a win only Lucky 15. As with all multiple bet types, the more winners you can pack into your bet, the higher the profits will soar!

With the Lucky 15, the dream ticket is to have four winners. In this case, the fourfold line of the bet clicks and you will be looking at a handsome return.

Let’s take a Lucky 15 bet example of a win only bet on racing at Sedgefield:

Lucky 15 bet combination 1
All four horses are fancied in the betting for their races, so we have a decent chance of a return on this bet. For a £1 win only Lucky 15, the profit would be well over £450 for a £15 stake if all four selections are winners!
Lucky 15 bet - combination1



As with other multiples, the each-way option means you could see a good return on the initial stake simply by selecting four horses that are placed in their respective races.

Lots of punters will deploy an each-way Lucky 15, for example, on the Cheltenham Festival or at Royal Ascot to combine their main fancies across the entire four/five days of the meeting.

Here is an example of an each-way Lucky 15 for the Cheltenham Festival:
Lucky 15 bet combination 2


For a £1 each-way Lucky 15 bet on these four horses (total cost £30), the bet would return in excess of £140,000 if all four selections win. It has been done before with Lucky 15 bets and, who knows, you could hit the jackpot by placing this type of bet on horse racing in the future if your luck is in!
Lucky 15 bet main win

However, the nature of a Lucky 15 means that there are also many stopping points between the £30 stake and the jackpot payout that your bet could return.

For example, if all four horses are placed, the bet would pay you £1632.50, ensuring you have a profit of more than £1600 for one bet on the Cheltenham Festival.

When you are using selections at a variety of starting prices such as in Lucky 15 as explained above, you may want to consider going online to find a Lucky 15 Bet Calculator. A Bet Calculator Lucky 15 will outline the exact returns your bet will provide, depending on how many legs are successful.

You can of course use Lucky 15 betting to combine applicable selections across any and all sports covered that you wish to bet on.

In a Lucky 15 football bet, for example, you could choose to select four first goalscorers in Premier League matches and combine them. At decent odds, this form of Lucky 15 betting can sometimes bring about significant returns for relatively small initial outlays.

Lucky 15 Bet - FAQ:

Is A Lucky 15 A Good Bet?

If you believe that the majority of your selections will win, the Lucky 15 will increase your chances of a positive return.

How Do You Place A Lucky 15 Bet With 888sport?

Add your four selections to your bet slip and then click on the permutations tab. From there, add your stake to the singles, doubles, trebles and accumulator section of the slip.

Can You Do An Each Way Lucky 15 Bet?

Of course, you can! Follow the same steps as in the answer above, but instead, simply select the each-way box next to each permutation.

When Is A Lucky 15 The Best Option?

With the Yankee covering the accumulator, trebles and doubles but not the singles, players should consider the Lucky 15 with longer stakes to cover losses should only one selection come in.

Now that we have the Lucky 15 bet explained, the next bet we will be looking at is  What is a Goliath bet. As the name suggests, this one is a biggie, combining a total of eight selections across a host of permutations!

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