What is LUCKY 31 BET

A Lucky 31 bet is made up of five selections and involves 31 individual lines, ensuring it is a full coverage bet. You only need to have one winner on your bet to see some return on the initial investment.


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A Lucky 31 is similar to a Canadian bet but also has singles. It consists of 31 bets on five selections in different events i.e. five singles, 10 doubles, 10 trebles, five fourfold accumulators and one fivefold accumulator. One or more selection must be successful to have a return. A £1 Lucky 31 costs £31.

We will look at a Lucky 31 bet based on racing at Chelmsford City as our first example on this page.


Let’s first take a look at a win-only Lucky 31 bet example for racing at Chelmsford City. Once you have made your selections for this bet, you could decide to use a Lucky 31 Calculator to quickly identify the potential returns in relation to your intended starting stake.

Using the Lucky 31 bet Calculator, you can enter the odds of your selections and also determine the returns that you would pocket based on the number of winning lines you achieve. This is helpful in painting a clear picture in your mind before you make the bet as to what returns you should expect to see based on varying degress of success in your bet.

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By using a resource like this, you are always fully informed before placing a Lucky 31 bet, particularly if you have not used this bet type before.


Remember, with this bet type you don’t need all your selections to win in order to earn a profit. You only need one winner to see some return on your money! 


If all our selections are winners in this bet, the £1 Lucky 31 bet (total cost £31) would return £1623.22, giving a profit of just under £1600!


Four winning selections in this example could still give a return of £463 for an overall payout of close to 14/1 on the initial stake.

Even if only three of our selections prove to be winners, it would generate odds of 3/1 as seven lines (three doubles, three singles, one treble) have all come up on the Lucky 31 bet.

As with all multiples, the more winning lines we have, the more the overall return is going to be in your Lucky 31 betting.


Now that we have answered the question what is a Lucky 31 bet, it is good to know that we can also use the Lucky 31 Bet on other sports as well as horse racing. Here, we are going to look at darts betting, which is one of the most popular sports in Europe right now!

Our bet is mostly going to focus on the Premier League of darts. In line with the Lucky 31 explained above, we have chosen five correct score markets to focus on for this particular bet.

Getting the correct score market spot on is not easy but, in this example, you would see a profit from your bet by having as few as two correct selections from the five chosen.

Of course, the perfect scenario on a Lucky 31 is to have winning selections and, as we will show below, this can result in a rapidly soaring return based on a relatively small initial stake.

In this case, our £1 Lucky 31 bet would return a total of £6430.30 if all legs are successful! As the Lucky 31 has complete coverage, we only need to have one winner in order to get some return on the initial stake.

A Lucky 31 can be equally effective with short-priced selections and longer odds. A Lucky 31 consisting of five even-money winners returns a total of £242!

We have now covered both the Lucky 15 and the Lucky 31. There is one more bet to come from this ‘family’, which is the Lucky 63 bet and we will see it later in the chapter

Lucky 31 Bet - FAQ:

Question 1: What Is A Lucky 31 Bet?

As with the Lucky 15 wager, the Lucky 31 comprises of 31 different bets from a total of five selections.

Single bets are included in the Lucky 31 and that gives punters some security – while the Lucky 15 also has single bets covered, the Yankee and other multiples do not.


Question 2: Is A Lucky 31 A Good Bet?

The Lucky 31 is always worth considering if you have five fancies at reasonable odds. As with all bets, there is an element of risk but it is enhanced with the Lucky 31 due to higher stakes.

However, the reward is also higher given the number of permutations involved in the Lucky 31. The other option is a Canadian – though this does NOT include singles in the bet.


Question 3: How Do You Place A Lucky 31 Bet With 888sport?

Once you’ve picked your five selections, add them into your bet slip and then click on the permutations section. Then, add your stake to the singles, doubles, trebles, four-folds and five-folds section.

For example, a £1 Lucky 31 would cost £31 due to the 31 selections. You will be placing a total of five singles (£1), 10 doubles (£1), 10 trebles (£1), five four-folds (£5) and one five-fold (£1).


Question 4: Can You Do An Each Way Lucky 31 Bet?

Yes – an each way Lucky 31 is accepted with 888sport. Follow the same steps in the section above but remember to tick the each way box next to each permutation.

If you still wish to wager £31, you will have to halve the total stake before ticking the each way box. For example, £0.50 and selection each way to cover £1.

If you want to play a £31 wager, you will be placing a 50p each way Lucky 31. That will give you five singles (£5), 10 doubles (£10), 10 trebles (£10), five four-folds (£5) and one five-fold accumulator (£1).


Question 5: When Is A Lucky 31 The Best Option?

With the Lucky 15, you need to be quite confident in at least one of your selections with reasonable odds. For the Lucky 31, you probably need two winning picks at longer value to maximise your chances of profit.

The Canadian covers all of the 31 permutations with the exception of the singles – giving punters 26 bets in total. Losing the singles won’t appeal to all punters due to losing that security and safety of the individual picks.

On the next page of our guide to betting, we are going to study what is Each-Way Bet on the next page.