What is LUCKY 63 BET

A Lucky 63 bet is very similar to the Heinz bet. It involves six selections but the Lucky 63 is a complete coverage bet, meaning there are an additional six singles included in this bet type.

In order to have some winning return on your initial stake in Lucky 63 bets, you must have at least one winning selection.

Before we move on, let’s look at a quick definition of what betting lines make up a Lucky 63. With so many different lines involved, it is important to have the Lucky 63 bet explained before you start to use it!

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A Lucky 63 is similar to a Heinz but also has singles. It consists of 63 bets on six selections in different events i.e. six singles, 15 doubles, 20 trebles, 15 fourfold accumulators, six fivefold accumulators, and one sixfold accumulator. One or more selections must be successful to have a return. A £1 Lucky 63 costs £63.
Now that we have explained a Lucky 63 bet, let’s look at an example of how you might choose to use it in a practical situation when you are betting.


Let’s look at a Lucky 63 bet example on horse racing for the meeting at Wolverhampton shown above.
First, choose the six horses that will be making up this bet – see below for selections.
Lucky 63 bet Illustration 1


The selections and stake for this bet are shown below. This is for a £1 Lucky 63 Bet with the total cost of the bet being £63.


As the graphic shows, the overall return for picking six winners in this example would be just over £14,000 for an initial stake of just £63.

Six winners is clearly the ‘jackpot’ payout in the Lucky 63 bet, but because it has total coverage it is also worth looking at the payouts that could be earned from having less winners on this bet:

Five winners: possible payout £3,331

Four winners: possible payout £941

Three winners: possible payout £215

Even if only half of the selections on this Lucky 63 Bet are successful, it is possible to have a return of two-and-half times the initial stake!


The Lucky 63 bet can also be used when betting on any other sports. Football betting is one of the most popular sports to bet on, with action round the clock, seven days a week, from all around the world!

There are of course a multitude of markets to bet on when it comes to football, but some bettors like to focus on finding the draws!

Finding draws can be tough, but the rewards are usually good with the prices offered on our platforms. Picking four draws in football is expected to pay out close to 100/1 on most occasions, but one goal either way in any of four games can make or break the bet.

Let’s take a look at the potential for doing a Lucky 63 bet on football based solely on draws.

Below are our selected matches for this bet.

Note that you can combine matches from all the major leagues offered. Here we have chosen matches from La Liga in Spain, Serie A in Italy, the German Bundesliga and England’s Premier League.


The total cost for a £1 Lucky 63 on these selections is once again £63. As we can see below, the potential returns on this bet are very rewarding!


As we have shown with our previous example on horse racing, the payouts are significant on a Lucky 63 at these odds even if you have only manged to get a percentage of the selections correct!
In this case:

Five draws: potential returns £2877

Four draws: potential returns £563

The next time that you are considering betting on the draws in football, Lucky 63 betting might be the one worth considering for you!

As this is a multi-layered bet, you could consider an online Lucky 63 bet Calculator to increase your overall understanding before placing this bet type. The Lucky 63 Calculator can help you discover the exact amounts you would see back on your bet, based on each level of success you achieve right the way up to a winning six-fold accumulator!

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Lucky 63 Bet - FAQ:

Question 1: What Is A Lucky 63 Bet?

A Lucky 63 wager comprises of six selections that make up 63 different bets.

In total, there are: six singles, 15 doubles, 20 trebles, 15 four-folds, six five-folds and a six-fold accumulator – giving you a total of 63 bets with various permutations depending on the number of winning selections.


Question 2: Is A Lucky 63 A Good Bet?

If you believe that the majority of your picks will win but aren’t quite sure if all six will win, the Lucky 63 is the way to go. With singles included in this particular wager, the Lucky 63 is perfect for covering all bases.

It a high reward, high risk bet. The negative is that a higher stake is required to place the 63 different permutations but the reward is usually much greater.


Question 3: How Do You Place A Lucky 63 Bet With 888sport?

Go to your chosen sport and make your six picks. Once added to your bet slip, select the permutations tab on the slip and add your stake to the singles, doubles, trebles, four-folds, five-folds and six-fold sections.

For example, a £1 Lucky 63 would cost £63 due to 63 selections in the wager. Breaking the bet down, you are placing a total of six singles (£6), 15 doubles (£15), 20 trebles (£20), 15 four-folds (£15), six five-folds (£6) and a six-fold (£1).


Question 4: Can You Do An Each Way Lucky 63 Bet?

You certainly can. Placing an each way Lucky 63 with 888sport is very easy indeed – just follow the same steps as described in question 3 but remember to tick the each way box next to each permutation.

Warning: if you want to spend £63, remember to make sure you put your stake in each box as 50p and tick the boxes. Don’t put £1 and then tick the boxes or your total stake (£63) will be doubles to £126.


Question 5: When Is A Lucky 63 The Best Option?

The Lucky 63 can give punters a big payday but this is one of the trickier multiples to land. A longer odds single can help to provide some security if it manages to come in but most will need two or three selections to land in order to make a profit.

Instead of a Lucky 15, punters could consider the Heinz – which is essentially the same but does NOT include the singles. Basically, it gives you 57 bets instead of 63 and a £1 line per permutation will cost you £57 instead.


With the Lucky 63 bet explained, next up on our betting guide we will be looking at what is Round Robin bet, a full coverage bet that involves just three selections.