What is a Round Robin bet? A Round Robin bet is very similar to a Trixie bet but it also includes singles. A Round Robin consists of seven separate bets on three events: three singles, three doubles and one accumulator. A £1 Round Robin costs £7.



As it includes singles, the Round Robin is a complete coverage multiple bet, meaning you only need to have one winning selection from three in order to see some return on your initial stake.



The Round Robin bet proves itself to be extremely popular with racing bettors. While the initial outlay in terms of starting stake is higher, the returns are also much higher when you back three winning selections.

That is the Round Robin bet explained, let’s now take a look at a Round Robin bet example on racing .


Below we have selected three horses at Cheltenham on which to base this Round Robin bet –


Let’s first imagine that you back these three horses as straight singles and they all win:

Initial stake: £3 (£1 win on each horse).

Returns: £18.50

(£1 @ 7/1 = £8, £1 @ 4/1 = £5, £1 @ 9/2 = £5.50)

Overall profit on the bets: £15.50

Now, let’s see what happens if we combine these winning selections as one Round Robin Bet (remember how many bets in a round robin – our stake will increase to £7 initially):

ROUND ROBIN BET illustration 2


Instead of an overall profit of £15.50 on the three singles, the Round Robin would return a profit of £342.50 for an initial outlay of £7 on these selections.

If you find when betting that you are able pick a consistent level of winning horses, the Round Robin could prove an extremely efficient companion bet for you.

In the example we have shown above, two winning selections from the three would still earn a profit in excess of £50 for the £7 staked to make this Round Robin bet.

Keep the Round Robin bet in mind when you are next betting on horse racing and maybe you can boost your profits!

To help you with how to work out a round robin bet, you can always make use of a Round Robin Bet Calculator. Enter your stake per line, the starting prices of your selections and the Round Robin Calculator will detail the exact winnings based on the amount of winners you have achieved. This is a handy way to work out Round Robin bets before you start!



Due to its simplicity and the fact that it offers complete coverage on limited selections, the Round Robin also tends to prove popular on most sports.


The Round Robin is also an ideal bet if you like to mix & match across different sports when betting.

Let’s look at an example of a bet we could place on three major sporting events using this bet type.

ROUND ROBIN BET illustration 3


In this bet, we have combined selections in the US Masters golf, the World Snooker Championship and the Wimbledon Mens Singles tennis.
As before with our horse racing bet, the returns for a £1 Round Robin bet on these selections are surprisingly high for an overall stake of £7 if we have picked three winning selections.


The Round Robin could be a useful combination bet to use on some of your favourite sporting events!


Round Robin bets can be used on most popular football betting markets, such as win only, first goalscorer, correct scores, match result and both teams to score and many more.
Below is an example of a potential Round Robin bet on football using the half-time / full-time market for some English FA Cup matches.


The half-time / full-time market gives you an extra edge on the overall win market, with the proviso, in the examples shown here, that your chosen team must be ahead at half-time and win the match. You can also choose the draw or lose markets for half-time with this bet.

In the example shown, a £1 Round Robin bet, total cost £7, would return the figure below if all three games have been correctly predicted:


Also in this instance, two winning selections from three chosen would return just over £20, meaning you would almost treble the initial stake.

These are just some examples of how you might choose to use Round Robin betting.

To recap, the Round Robin is a simple, complete coverage bet using three selections and you need to have just one winning line to see some return on your investment.


Round Robin - FAQ:

What Does The Round Robin Bet Pay?

The Round Robin increases your chances of a positive return – particularly if you believe the majority of your selections will win.

How Do You Place A Round Robin Bet With 888sport?

Add three selections to your bet slip and then click the permutations tab. Scroll down and click on the patent bet option. The patent offers the exact same betting option as the Round Robin.

What Sports Are Best For Round Robin Betting?

The most popular sports for Round Robin betting are horse racing and football, but it is also popular in most sports.

Can You Do An Each Way Round Robin Bet?

Of course, you can! Simply select the each-way box next to each permutation.

ROUND ROBIN BET illustration
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