The Super Heinz betting is a specialist multiple bets that consists of 120 different lines. There are no singles in a Super Heinz so you need at least two winning selections in order to see a return on your money.

The name “Super Heinz” comes from the fact that this seven-selection bet is one step up from the six-selection bet that is known as a “Heinz”. As you learned earlier, this is because the Heinz bet consists of 57 selections, just as food manufacturers Heinz are known for their 57 different varieties!

Here is a definition of which betting lines make up the Super Heinz, as you might find yourself asking the question what is a Super Heinz bet at this point:
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A Super Heinz consists of 120 bets on seven selections i.e. 21 doubles, 35 trebles, 35 fourfold accumulators, 21 fivefold accumulators, seven sixfold accumulators, and one sevenfold accumulator. Two or more selections must be successful to have a return. A £1 Super-Heinz costs £120. A £1 each-way Super-Heinz costs £240.
Now that we have the Super Heinz bet explained, let’s consider some potential examples.


We have all seen the online winning tickets from successful gamblers who have managed to go through an entire card picking winners! The dream is there for all of us to do something similar and land a big winning bet.

While going through an entire card would be the ultimate thrill, it is needless to say far from easy. Therefore, it can be a good idea to use some of the more creative multiple bet types that exist to ensure that you see a return on your money on that occasion when you go really close to landing a monster bet but don’t quite hit the jackpot!

Super Heinz bets could produce that monster bet, but they also offer a ‘safety net’ for the times when you don’t quite get there. Due to the fact they offer a multitude of cover bets you could also win big without going through an entire card.

Below is an example of a potential Super Heinz bet for a race card at Meydan’s Dubai World Cup Carnival Meeting. We have selected a range of different prices on each race for this Super Heinz bet example, with some hotly fancied horses and some lively outsiders.


The total cost for a £1 Super Heinz bet on these selections is £120. As you can see from the graphic below, the overall return if each selection wins results in a bumper payout:


The fact that Super Heinz betting includes 120 betting lines means that this can be quite expensive when it comes to your initial stake. However, this has got to be balanced against the potential for enormous returns if you place a winning bet of this type.

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This is due to the fact that a winning Super Heinz Bet includes more than 60 winning lines of four-folds and higher!

For example, a normal seven selection accumulator in which all your selections are priced at 2/1 will give you odds of 2,187/1. With the Super Heinz bet and the addition of the other 119 betting lines, these odds rise to a staggering 16,362/1.


Of course, the multiple coverage on this bet means that you do not need a perfect seven winning selections in order to provide a healthy return on your £120 investment.

Many punters have chosen to successfully place a Super Heinz using small stakes depending on their available bankroll.

Using the selections shown above for racing at Meydan, a 10p Super Heinz bet (total cost £12) would still earn a figure close to £5k if all selections are winners!

It’s up to you to decide the strategy and staking plan to help you become a winner with the Super Heinz bet in the future. As there are so many lines and permuations involved with this type of bet, it could prove useful to have a look at a Super Heinz bet Calculator before you begin. This will allow you to test the potential returns you would achieve based on different combinations of successful winning lines and starting prices.


Super Heinz Bet - FAQ:

Is A Super Heinz A Good Bet?

With so many permutations and ways to win, the Super Heinz is one of the most exciting bet types available.

How Do You Place A Super Heinz Bet With 888sport?

Go to your chosen sport and make seven selections. Once added to your bet slip, select the permutations tab on the slip and type in your ‘per bet’ stake in the Super Heinz section.

Can You Do An Each Way Super Heinz Bet?

Of course – placing an each-way Super Heinz with 888sport has never been easier. Just look at the steps in the answer above and follow but remember to tick the each-way box next to the Super Heinz bet.

When Is A Super Heinz Bet The Best Option?

The Super Heinz bet can give punters a chance to win big but it is obviously difficult to land all 120 permutations. Adding a couple of longer odds picks into the Super Heinz can help to significantly boost the final payout.

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