Trixie bet explained: A Trixie betting consists of four bets on three selections in different events i.e. three doubles and one treble. Two or more selections must be successful to have a return.

Trixie bet
A £1 Trixie costs £4 (to cover all four bets). A £1 each-way Trixie costs £8.
Trixie bet ilustration

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A Trixie can prove very popular with horse racing gamblers. Below is an example of a racing bet with the Trixie bet explained.


With all multiple forms of betting, it is of course important to be confident in your selections. By placing three selections in a Trixie, it means it’s possible to get a return on your money without having all selections win.

As a general rule, if you are making selections at prices of 2/1 or less, a ‘win only’ Trixie is the best bet for you. However, if you have chosen your selections at slightly bigger prices, it is worth considering an ‘each-way’ Trixie as this can still prove profitable even when all selections do not win.

Trixie bet ilustration


Let’s look first at a win only Trixie bet example on three horses.
We can see that these are relatively short-priced to win their races so we can make a decision to make our bet win-only.
Our £1 win-only Trixie costs £4 in this case.
Trixie bet ilustration
Trixie bet ilustration
If all three horses win, you earn a payout of £33.57 for your £4 stake, giving a profit of £29.54.
The good thing about a Trixie is that you can still earn a profit even if everything doesn’t go according to plan on your bet!
In this instance, if only the first two horses are winners, the £1 Trixie bet would still return £7.19, giving you a profit of £3.19 on the initial outlay.


Let’s now choose an example of an each-way Trixie on some slightly longer priced horses.
Trixie bet ilustration
Trixie bet ilustration
So in this instance, our £1 each-way Trixie will cost a total of £8. As the each-way terms show (1/4 odds on places 1,2,3) we only need two of three horses to finish in the first three in order to get a return on this bet.

If all three horses win, the £8 Trixie bet of £208.41 gives you a nice profit of £200.41! With this being an each-way bet, if all three horses are placed but fail to win, you would still more than double your initial investment, earning a return of £19.66.

So we see that a Trixie bet can be very useful for ensuring that even when not all your selections are winners, you still come out with an overall profit.

When considering multiple betting options, you may want to use a Trixie bet calculator to identify scenarios when this bet could prove more profitable than other combination bets or backing your selections in singles.


Trixie betting is not exclusive to horse racing betting. You can use this bet type in all sports that you choose to bet on. Hugely popular with football betting punters is the First Goal Scorer bet. Here, you choose the first player to score in a selected match. On a busy football day, there are plenty of options to choose from and a First Goal Scorer Trixie can be very rewarding when you get it right!

Trixie bet ilustration

What is a Trixie bet in football? Below is an example of three leading goalscorers with their clubs and their odds to score first in the matches shown.

Trixie bet ilustration
In this instance, if Lionel Messi, Harry Kane and Wayne Rooney score first, a £1 Trixie would pay out £128.17. If only Messi and Rooney get the first goals, the Trixie still pays a handsome £19.89, making you a profit of £15.89 on the initial investment!

To recap, the Trixie is a straightforward multiple bet that allows you to combine three selections to either win or be placed. Using it can help get money back from a bet even when it has not been an overall success!

How do you calculate a Trixie bet? Use our Trixie bet calculator!

Trixie Bet: FAQs

Is A Trixie Bet Exclusive To Horse Racing?

You can use Trixie bet in all sports including Horse Racing.

What Is The Most Popular Trixie Bet Used?

'First Goal Scorer' in football betting is popular with punters.

When Should I Choose An Each-Way Trixie?

 When selecting at slightly bigger prices consider Each-Way Trixie.

When Should I Choose A Win Only Trixie?

When making selections at prices of 2/1 or less, we recommend a 'Win only Trixie'.

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