First, let’s take a definition to find out exactly what is a Yankee bet:
A Yankee consists of 11 bets on four selections in different events i.e. six Doubles, four Trebles and one fourfold accumulator. Two or more selections must be successful to have a return.
Yankee Bet Ilustration


A £1 Yankee costs £11. A £1 each-way Yankee costs £22.

So, as you saw previously, a Yankee bet means that it is possible to see a return on your money, even if not all selections are winners. We can place a ‘win only’ Yankee or an eachway Yankee bet.

As before, a basic principle to apply here relates to the price of your selections. If the four outcomes you are backing are at short prices, it is best to go win only. When you have found some longer priced selections to bet on, consider going with an each-way Yankee as the profits on this bet can still be very appealing – even if you only get two from the four picks correct!

Now that we have the Yankee bet explained, let’s use some working examples to see how this bet might come in handy when you are next placing a multiple bet.

Let’s look at an example ‘win only’ Yankee on some Cheltenham races.

Yankee Bet Ilustration


For this particular meeting at Cheltenham, we’ve selected four fancied horses to base a Yankee on.
Yankee Bet Ilustration
In this example, the £1 Yankee bet costs £11 and if all selections are winners, your payout will be £89.21. However, if the last leg lets your bet down (Thistlecrack in the 15:35 in this case) the Yankee bet still returns £28.2 (for one treble and three doubles that have won).

In these circumstances, Yankees are a good way of getting a profit from your horse racing bets, even when they are not all winners! In this example, we have more than doubled the initial stake of £11 for getting three out of four selections correct.


An each-way Yankee can be a great way to uncover big profits for small investments – if you can study the form and find those winners!
Yankee Bet Ilustration
So, in this case, a £1 each-way Yankee is going to cost an initial outlay of £22. If all four selections are winners, your bet would return a total of £1975.12!

Looking at the each-way benefit in this bet, if all four horses fail to win their races but finish in the first three, the total return would be £94.90, ensuring a profit of £72.90 from the initial stake.

Returns on a Yankee bet can multiply surprising quickly and, as the bet provides excellent coverage, you can obtain a profit even when you don’t have a complete set of winning selections.

When you are next looking at placing a multiple selection bet, consider going online and using a Yankee bet calculator to show what returns this bet type would potentially return compared to the bet types you normally employ. You might get a nice surprise!


Yankee bets are not exclusive to horse racing. They can be used in all sports that you choose to bet on.
Let’s take a look at a win only Yankee on a round of NHL ice hockey matches using the Yankee bet example shown below.
Yankee Bet Ilustration


A £1 win only Yankee on these selections will return £126.77 if all four teams win their matches, giving an overall profit of £115.77 on the initial stake required to strike the bet.

The Yankee bet is a straightforward multiple bet that can help you get maximum returns for relatively small stakes.

If you are lucky enough to uncover some decent priced winning selections – i.e. not always the favourite in the market – then you will find that having them in a Yankee bet can result in large-scale profits for your money, particularly when you hit that magic number of four winners!


Yankee Bet - FAQ:

When Should I Place A Yankee Bet?

If you believe that two or more selections will win then Yankee is the way to go.

Can You Do Yankee Betting Each Way?

Yes, each way Yankee bets are especially popular in horse racing.

What Sports Are Best For Yankee Betting?

Bet Calculator

Football is the most popular sport for Yankee betting, but it is simple enough to pick this wager for most sports.

How Do You Place A Yankee Bet With 888sport?

Add your four selections to your bet slip and then click on the permutations tab. From there, add your stake to the Yankee section. In total, this will give you six doubles, four trebles and one accumulator. So if you want a £1 per permutation bet, it will cost you £11 in total.

On the next page, we will look at what is a Patent bet, this is similar to what is a Trixie bet but all it includes is singles, meaning you only need to have one winning selection to have some return on your money!

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