Finding the best sports betting tips and tricks has never been easier.

As the online sports bet industry grows, so does the number of tipsters – with both paid sports writer tips and free betting advice flourishing in recent years. In fact, punters now have more control than ever before when it comes to placing a sports bet.

With bookmakers giving punters the chance to create their own wager, the sports betting landscape is now more inclusive than ever before.

Whether you’re a keen cricket follower or enjoy a bet on the latest rugby union matches, it has never been easier to get involved in the latest sports betting odds.

Become A Sports Betting Tips Expert:

  1. Broaden Your Knowledge

  2. Focus On Your Favourite Sports

  3. Enjoy Sports Betting

  4. Keep Track Of Sports Betting Tips

  5. Take Advantage Of Free Sports Betting Tips

  6. Paid Tipsters Also Worth A Look

  7. Find Suitable Sports Betting Tips System

  8. Live Sports Betting Tips Are Very Popular

  9. Find Value When In-Play Sports Betting

  10. American Sports Betting Tips: Time Zones

  11. Always Gamble Responsibly

For any new sports betting customers, there are a range of offers and promotions available with most bookmakers.

However, rewarding loyal customers is also part and parcel of the sports betting ethos while some companies give players the chance to win prizes. Here at 888sport, we have our FREE football predictor game ‘Up For 8’.

Up For 8 is a simple predictor game exclusively for 888sport customers and it has been a huge hit with players.

Sport Betting Tips Golf
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Players try to correctly predict the outcome of eight football matches over a given weekend in a bid to win the maximum £8,000 cash prize. Any players who fail to predict all eight matches will receive a £1 free bet for every game they guess right.

The most important things to remember when sports betting are to research thoroughly, be shrewd with your bets and most of all, enjoy yourself.

Without further ado, let’s get down to our top tips for sports betting fans. Take note of this advice and remember to consider every factor when viewing sports betting tips and odds in the future.

Broaden Your Knowledge

First of all, you are going to want to expand your general sports betting knowledge. Find out the different betting markets available on certain sports – whether that’s over/under goals in ice hockey, handicap betting in football or round betting in boxing.

In addition, learn how to read sports betting tips and markets. Decide whether you prefer to view odds as decimals or as fractions – or even American betting odds if you’d prefer.

This is a key factor to consider as punters need to fully understand what they are betting on.

Familiarising yourself with the wider sports betting industry will be beneficial, both in the short term and going forward. It is an ever-changing universe so developing an awareness and knowledge of sports betting tips can give punters a huge advantage.

Most bookmakers have compiled sports betting guides with the ‘need to know’ information for punters – these can be very helpful. If you are unsure on any rules and regulations, be sure to do your sports betting research before placing a wager.

There are some markets that require a thorough understanding; particularly in horse racing. Ante post betting, forecast betting and placepot betting are just a few examples of the more complicated types of horse racing bet available with bookmakers.

An increased knowledge of sports betting tips will help even the most pragmatic punter. The ability to then expand your betting experience by placing different bets across a range of sports should only enhance the excitement and entertainment.

Furthermore, broadening your sports betting tips knowledge should help your own decision-making when it comes to placing a bet.

Sports betting tips are widely available but punters should ultimately trust their own judgement – tipsters don’t always get it right!

Start with the fundamentals and slowly improve your sports betting tips techniques once you are comfortable with every aspect of the industry. Research the latest sports betting systems, find out which types of bets work for you and which ones don’t.

Focus On Your Favourite Sports

Once you are comfortable and confident in your own sports betting tips knowledge, you could decide to focus on your favourite sports. With an increased understanding of sports betting tips, put your skills into practice by betting on your favourite sports.

It is much smarter to specialise in a particular sport than it is to try and adopt a ‘jack of all trades’ approach to sports betting tips. In the long term, you will stand a better chance of sports betting success by focusing on familiar and enjoyable sports than others.

Naturally, punters will already have an informed view on their favourite sports. The key to success when it comes to sports betting tips is to stay patient and focus on finding the best value bets. Remember, sports betting is a marathon and not a sprint.

Cricket Betting Tips
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Moreover, punters are likely to enjoy their sports betting experience more if they place a bet on one of their favourite sports.

If you’re a huge horse racing fan, betting on the Grand National is an absolute given – and the excitement of trying to beat 39 other runners is exhilarating.

Every person in sports betting is different – some punters will prefer to bet on an outright winner, others may prefer place betting or backing goals.

One punter’s fortune is another’s misery and the key is focusing on sports betting tips that interest you and you only.

Enjoy Sports Betting

One of the most important pieces of advice on this list of sports betting tips. Having fun and enjoying placing a bet on sports is absolutely vital – sports betting should be entertaining and exciting before anything else.

Whether you bet once a year, once a month or daily, make sure enjoyment and fun is at the heart of your sports betting experience.

Forming a syndicate is an exciting opportunity for sports betting tips fans and some bookmakers allow punters to create ‘group bets’ with friends.

Introducing an enjoyable social aspect to sports betting tips is positive, particularly if you can develop and maintain friendships through a fun group bet every now and then.

Keep Track Of Sports Betting Tips

The best way to monitor your bets is by keeping a sports betting tips log.

Punters tend to find that taking note of bets helps to determine which betting techniques are working well and which sports betting strategies to avoid in the future.

If you find that a particular type of bet is proving successful, it may prove prudent to focus on that specific sports betting market going forward. Monitoring bets is also useful for any punters who want to track profit and/or loss throughout the year.

Keeping track of sports betting tips is absolutely essential – whether you’re a professional punter or a novice bettor. An extensive log could turn out to be the difference between sports betting tips success and failure in the long term.

Take Advantage Of Free Sports Betting Tips

Free sports betting tips and offers can be very beneficial for punters, especially for novices who are just dipping their toe in the water. New customer offers are particularly enticing – with the chance to claim a plethora of free bets to get you started.

The best sports betting tips and tricks are known all around the globe and these can be put into practice for most sports.

Free tips and promotions help to minimise the initial risk and spending for punters while giving customers a chance to get used to sports betting tips with that bookmaker.

Meanwhile, there are plenty of sports betting tips experts who offer free advice to followers on social media. Each tipster has different levels of success though so be sure to do plenty of sports betting tips research before following any information.

Some tipsters charge for sports betting tips, with many punters signing up to receive insight from some of the best tipsters in the betting industry.

Many are excellent at what they do and a large percentage of paid services provide detailed information relating to their tips, profit and betting help.

However, be wary of paying for sports betting tips. Just because a tipster offers a monthly subscription does not mean that they will guarantee profit.

Again, make sure you research all avenues and subscription services before committing to a paid sports betting tips service.

Find Suitable Sports Betting Tips System

There are various sports betting systems and trends – some specific to certain sports and others that are more general to all sports. It is important to remember that sports betting systems are not an exact science, though some can help to achieve consistent results.

One of the most popular sports betting strategies is to focus on handicap betting. Whether that is backing the favourite to win by more than one or on the underdog to avoid defeat, handicap betting can prove prudent for sports betting tips experts and novices alike.

Furthermore, some punters often choose to ‘double up’ bets with another selection at EVS or higher. Should the even money shot prevail, the double will roll on and the single paid out – essentially giving you a free chance to win the double.

Sports Betting Tips System For Rugby
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However, this obviously carries a higher element of risk.

Once you have found a sports betting tips system that works for you on a particular sport, stick with it. Why change a winning formula?

As long as you are enjoying yourself and you are still finding sports betting tips fun and exciting, continue to follow that pattern.

A relatively modern concept, inplay betting is now one of the most popular types of bet with most bookmakers.

You’ll struggle to find many bookmakers who don’t offer in-play odds on their sports betting tips website and value is certainly there for the taking.

It can often prove prudent to back the clear favourite to win during a football match – either after falling behind or even to win the first half.

As is the case with any sports betting, each punter will have their own system and favoured markets for in-play wagering.

Find Value When In-Play Sports Betting

Odds can change quickly but it is important to think logically before looking too closely at in-play sports betting odds. Make sure that the price is fair and try to pick an event where you can live stream and watch how your bet unfolds.

Follow sports betting trends closely when venturing into in-play betting. Take the 2018 FIFA World Cup for example, punters could find favourable odds on a penalty to be awarded due to the introduction of VAR.

Make sure you are familiar with all rules and regulations before looking at in-play sports betting markets.

American Sports Betting Tips: Time Zones

Betting on US sports is incredibly popular on this side of the Atlantic Ocean but there are a few key factors to consider. One is weather; some areas of the United States are prone to adverse conditions, including snowstorms and lightning.

In many cases, matches are often temporarily paused or even postponed due to weather conditions and that is certainly something to consider when looking at American sports betting tips. Always expect the unexpected when it comes to weather in the US.

American Sports Betting Tips
Photo credit: Ben Margot / AP Photo

But the most important thing to consider is the time zone. If you are planning to watch a particular contest, take the time difference into account.

With matches taking place at unsociable times in the night over here, in-play betting may be taken out of the equation if you can’t stay awake!

Always Gamble Responsibly

Perhaps the most important sports betting tip of all is to always gamble responsibly. Focus on the fun side of betting and bet within your means – that is the most effective way to enjoy the best sports betting tips and odds in the business.

With the option to add deposit limits, time reminders and cool off periods, there are a range of tools available for punters. This can also serve as a guide for customers to track deposits and withdrawals for their sports betting tips log.

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