Boxing is the oldest and most popular of the combat sports.

While mixed martial arts grows at a fast rate of knots, boxing is the traditional fighting sport in the United Kingdom and we are blessed to have two of the top heavyweight boxers in the world in this country.

Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury are defending world champions in the heavyweight division and it is only a matter of time until the biggest fight in British boxing history is arranged.

The latest boxing betting tips have Fury, unbeaten in 31 professional bouts, as the early market leader but Joshua is certainly capable of claiming the upset.

Boxing betting tips can be found ahead of most major fights and it has never been easier to place a bet on boxing.

The success of British fighters has helped punters to develop a wider knowledge of the sport and boxing betting tips can prove lucrative in the long term.

Most Important Boxing Betting Tips:

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Boxing has transformed over the years, with more competitors challenging for world title belts at the highest level of the sport.

The boxing governing bodies opted to narrow down the weight classes a few decades ago and that presented ‘fringe’ fighters with a chance to challenge for the biggest prizes in the sport.

Without a doubt, the world heavyweight championship is the pinnacle of boxing.

Best Boxing Betting Tips
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With four organisations that sanction professional boxing matches, there are four titles up for grabs and every fighter dreams of becoming the undisputed world champion in their respective weight class.

The biggest boxing betting tips followers will already have one eye on upcoming fights while novices may need to learn a little more about the sport before placing a boxing bet.

With that in mind, here are our top boxing betting tips for newbies and combat sports experts.

Boxing Betting Tips

The best way to get involved with boxing betting tips is to back a fighter to win a bout.

This is the easiest and most popular way of betting on boxing, though the odds are usually short and tend not to offer punters too much with regards to value.

To increase your odds, shrewd boxing betting tips punters may consider the ‘win method’ market.

Essentially, punters can back either fighter to win by KO, TKO or DQ, on points or the fight to end as a draw. For some boxers, there can be major discrepancy between this market and the outright win boxing betting odds.

Tyson Fury is the prime example.

As one of the dominant forces in world boxing, Fury tends to be very short for his fights but backing the WBC world heavyweight champion to win by points can often prove more lucrative than in the ‘to win bout’ markets.

In addition, punters may choose to back a fight to go the distance in closer bouts.

It can be difficult to back a winner of some fights if both competitors are evenly matched and that brings the ‘fight to go the distance’ boxing odds into play.

Rounds betting is another popular option with boxing betting tips aficionados.

Most boxing odds allow punters to select a specific round for a fighter to win a bout, as well as ‘grouped rounds betting’ – where you can back a boxer to win in a certain period of the fight.

The grouped rounds betting option tends to change per bout, so be sure to check markets carefully before placing your boxing bet.

Sometimes you can back a fighter to win in rounds 1-6, other times the groups will be 1-3, 4-6, etc…

Find a boxing betting tips system that works for you and stick with it. Betting on boxing can be rewarding but be sure to place emphasis on excitement and entertainment.

Following a pattern of boxing betting tips and keeping a log of boxing bets is one of our top tips.

Free Boxing Betting Tips

Our top tip when it comes to boxing betting is research. It is quite easy to get carried away by statistics ahead of a fight but sometimes a fighter’s record isn’t quite what it seems.

Be sure to find as much information as possible regarding each fight; whether it was a knockout win, what round the fight ended and how the judges scored the bout.

Boxing is all about opinions and you’ll find mixed views on fighters and bouts, whether you pay for tips or follow free boxing betting tips.

Don’t get drawn into adopting a new boxing betting strategy just because a paid tipster recommends a certain method, follow your own guide and hopefully you will enjoy boxing betting success.

As is the case with most sports, punters can find paid boxing betting tips – but it is vital to monitor any profit/loss records for paid punters before entering a subscription.

With boxing growing in popularity, there are now a number of excellent free boxing betting tipsters on the internet.

Free boxing betting tips can turn out to be just as lucrative in the long term, particularly if you manage to find an excellent source of information.

Boxing news websites quite often publish video footage of training, as well as press conference clips and quotes – a fighter’s mentality before the bout can tell punters a lot about their tactics.

Heavyweight Boxing Betting Tips

For many boxing fans, the heavyweight division is the one to follow.

Knockout blows are aplenty and the drama and excitement is cranked up a notch – boxing betting tips can be found for every major heavyweight fight.

One of the most important things to remember when betting on heavyweight boxing is that the knockout percentage is much greater than some of the lower weights.

While that tends to be reflected in the boxing odds, backing a fight to finish before the scheduled regulation distance is often the way to go.

Again, some heavyweight boxers pride themselves on their knockout ability and that should always be considered when looking at boxing betting tips for heavyweight fights.

Take Deontay Wilder for example; the American has a staggering knockout rate and punters can maximise their odds by backing him in the method of victory market.

Upcoming Bouts Boxing Betting Tips

Passionate boxing fans will know all about upcoming fights and punters can find a range of boxing betting tips and odds on confirmed bouts.

These range from flyweight fights to world heavyweight title clashes – so be sure to check the latest boxing news for breaking fights.

As fight night draws closer, boxing betting tips will start to surface and more boxing odds on upcoming fights will become available.

Top Boxing Betting Tips
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Some bookmakers will offer specials on upcoming bouts so it is well worth checking around to find the best boxing betting tips value.

Punters can take advantage of favourable odds in the build-up to a major bout.

Research into training regimes and make the most of open training sessions to judge both fighters and you could find an early boxing betting tip that proves lucrative come fight night.

Unconfirmed Bouts Boxing Betting Tips

Be wary – not every bookmaker offers odds on unconfirmed bouts and each will have their own terms and conditions regarding this boxing betting market.

Be sure to look into the permutations before placing a bet on unconfirmed boxing bouts.

In a nutshell, fights that have been rumoured but are yet to be formally announced tend to fit into this bracket.

Most unconfirmed bouts betting markets have a specified date that the fight has to take place by in order to qualify – so it is well worth doing research before betting on unconfirmed fights.

Furthermore, the number of boxing betting tips available for unconfirmed bouts is usually limited.

In fact, most bookmakers tend to offer the ‘to win bout’ market and that’s about it so if you prefer a more specific bet then it is well worth waiting until the bout has been officially confirmed.

Boxing Betting Tips With 888sport

Hopefully this guide to the best boxing betting tips helps to enhance your boxing experience going forward.

If you would like to read more boxing betting tips, fight previews and find the latest boxing odds on upcoming bouts, 888sport is the place to be.

With a team of sports betting experts focusing on a range of sports, boxing betting tips are high on the priority list for major fights.

Boxing Betting TIps UFC
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As with all betting tips, research thoroughly before following any boxing betting tips on upcoming bouts.

Meanwhile, UFC fans can also find the latest mixed martial arts news and tips along with other major combat sports.

The boxing-UFC crossover fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather Jr really helped to put UFC on the map and it could be as popular as boxing in the not-too-distant future.

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