Greyhound racing has been popular in the United Kingdom for decades though most sports fans would agree that dog racing tips lag some way behind horse racing.

While some of the most famous greyhounds have raced in Britain, it is a well followed sport around the world, particularly in the United States of America and Australia.

Punters looking to bet on greyhounds can find a plethora of information online but nothing quite beats the thrill of dog racing betting live at an official greyhound track.

Greyhounds Betting Tips – Guide:

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  2. Free Greyhound Racing Tips

  3. Greyhound Racing UK

  4. Greyhound Betting Strategies

  5. Greyhound Betting Sites

The ultimate goal for greyhound owners is to win the biggest events on the planet.

In the United Kingdom, the Greyhound Derby fixtures are the target for the best dogs and betting tips on those races are widely available with most bookmakers.

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Without further ado, it is time to get down to the best greyhound betting tips for punters here at 888sport.

Remember – always gamble responsibly when betting on greyhounds and be sure to do lots of research when looking at the latest dogs betting odds.

Dog Racing Tips For Beginners

First and foremost, placing a bet on greyhounds is easy.

Simply navigate to the greyhound betting section of the website, find your race and click your selection. Then enter your stake in your betting slip, click confirm and watch the race!

But how do you choose which greyhound to bet on? Well, that’s where greyhounds betting tips come in.

Here, we discuss some of the best ways to simplify your greyhound betting experience while keeping the fun and enjoyment at top notch.

Studying greyhound racing cards is an area of expertise. Only the best greyhounds expert tipster betting picks will turn over a profit long term but, with practice, you can become proficient in dogs racing.

Greyhound betting strategy can make the world of difference for newbies to the sport. The hustle and bustle of the betting ring at the dogs is a different world to that of horse racing.

If it is your first time at a greyhound track or watching dogs racing in the bookies, take a step back and just take everything in.

In many ways, there is a greater element of luck in dogs racing than horse racing. The draw can play a major role in the outcome of a race, particularly if you get a fancied runner in the plum starting gate.

Crucially, information is out there to help punters with their greyhound betting.

There are guides to greyhound venues, there are articles on the top greyhounds to follow and the best way to familiarise yourself with the sport is by investing time into it.

Free Greyhound Racing Tips

There are a number of respectable greyhound tipster services out there – some offer free greyhound betting tips while others charge a subscription fee.

While paying for betting tips can be lucrative, it doesn’t guarantee success and there is an element of risk behind it. Be sure to view any greyhound betting profit/loss accounts before committing to a paid tipping service.

The social media landscape has helped to increase the number of sports tips around on the internet though many are unreliable. For example, a page labelled Greyhound Tips Twitter is hardly a reliable page compared to a genuine greyhound expert writer.

The main piece of advice we can offer is to trust your own greyhound betting logic. Yes, taking greyhound oddschecker tips can be helpful but ultimately it should be your decision.

Greyhound Racing UK

The format of greyhound racing here in the United Kingdom is similar to that of horse racing though there are obviously a number of gaping differences.

Certain categories of race are more valuable than others, with the minimum prize money for winning a Minor Open Race set at £150 compared to £50,000 for a Greyhound Derby event.

As mentioned in our simple greyhound betting guide, there are 21 active registered tracks in the United Kingdom and dogs racing is available seven days a week.

The sport follows a specific pattern relating to colours and numbers, which is ideal for any aspiring greyhound fans as it helps to simplify greyhound betting odds.

Keeping track of the latest greyhound racing UK betting advice is an absolute must for any punter, particularly when it comes to a niche sport like dogs racing.

The Racing Post Greyhound Tips section is one of the best around but there are plenty of viable options out there. Be sure to do plenty of research when betting on greyhounds.

You can find today’s UK greyhound betting odds by visiting the designated dogs racing section of the 888sport website.

Greyhound Betting Strategies

As is the case with horse racing, there are various greyhound betting tips and tricks that can give you the edge when it comes to betting on dogs.

There are various types of greyhound bets, though the easiest and most popular method is to back a runner to win a specific race.

Whether this is a race at Yarmouth on a Tuesday evening or a highly anticipated Greyhound Derby event, outright betting is simple yet keeps punters gripped with excitement.

Studying form is always key in any sport but it is essential in greyhound racing. Before going to place a greyhound bet, ensure that you have looked at all possible angles for the race.

Greyhound Best Tips
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If you are struggling to see past the top two or three in the betting, you could consider the forecast and/or tricast in the greyhound betting odds.

While some punters would rather take a chance on backing the two runners as singles, it may prove prudent with a higher greyhound betting payment if you take a chance on the forecast.

Last but not least, another greyhound tips strategy is to back your runner each way. In an eight runner race, punters can back a dog to finish in the top three with each way places at 1/5 of the odds.

Greyhound Betting Sites

Try and find a reputable greyhound betting website that offers statistics and information on upcoming runners.

Once you have found your best source for news, you can start to expand your greyhound betting tips knowledge. There is a plethora of greyhound racing information out there – you just need to decide which strategy is best for you.

If you can find a greyhound betting expert, that is very helpful indeed. Unlike horse racing, dogs racing is incredibly niche and genuine greyhound tipsters are hard to come by.

As is the case with most sports, there will be statistical websites for greyhound racing. That’s not to say that stats are the be all and end all but they can certainly help punters to find an angle.

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