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Grand National Betting & Odds

Get the latest Grand National Odds

It's estimated that approximately 10 million people in the UK watch the Grand National in either their own home, in the pubs and clubs up and down the land, and of course at the track itself. Millions more people around the world will follow the race to see which horse triumphs in the Aintree marathon held every April on Merseyside.

The whole nation traditionally loves a Grand National flutter. Everyone has their own personal way of making their selection and for many it will be their only bet of the year. Quite often horses are picked using nothing more scientific than a lucky number, a poignant name, or even a favourite colour. This is what makes the Grand National such an alluring spectacle for your casual punter – the thrill of getting lucky on the greatest steeplechase on the planet!

After the Grand National weights are announced in February the odds begin to shift. The runners and riders become clearer and people begin to form an opinion as to who they feel will run well on the day. Grand National Betting is of course available all year long and no sooner does the race finish late on the Saturday afternoon that the odds are already available for the next renewal, 12 months later. You can find our current Grand National odds here. Perhaps you already have an early fancy for the 2019 contest?

Betting can be very lucrative, but when it comes to Grand National Betting, the competition is even more profitable as the prize fund was listed at £975,000 for 2013. Even fans who do not regularly participate in horse racing betting usually place a Grand National bet.

Grand National history

Aintree has been the home of the Grand National since its first running in 1839 and ironically the winner of the first race was named Lottery. Changes have been made to the course and the fences over the years but essentially the race still remains the one of the toughest tests of horse and rider in the world. Forty horses line up each year and around two thirds of the field will not complete the race, which is four and a half miles long and has 30 fences to negotiate.

Grand National Betting prize money

The Grand National is one of the world’s richest horse races in terms of prize money with a cool £1 million in total prize money up for grabs again in 2019. The breakdown is as follows:
1st £561,300
2nd £211,100
3rd £105,500
4th £52,700
5th £26,500
6th £13,200
7th £6,800
8th £3,600
9th £2,000
10th £1,000

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