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Follow the speed of the puck, and bet! The National Hockey League (NHL) pulls together the most talented players from around the world. Every U.S. city that is lucky enough to host a team showers its players with love, admiration and fervent hope for a winning season. Online NHL betting reflects that enthusiasm, with betting creating a strong connection between the team and its excited fans.

Established in 1917, the NHL today is composed of seven franchises in Canada and 23 in the U.S. The greatest hockey players worldwide fill the 30 teams of the NHL. 20 countries are represented in the NHL team membership, so it’s no surprise that it attracts attention from the entire world.

Although ice hockey typically sees lower bet volumes than those found in football or basketball, there are many here in the UK who take the league, and also NHL betting, very seriously. At 888sport we cater for these enthusiasts, as well as those one-off watchers who end up watching a game and fancying a punt. With our clear NHL betting odds and information, our customers can make the best decisions and take some fun risks.

At 888sport you can bet via your desktop, or from your tablet and phone if you download our fantastic new app. With the latest odds and NHL betting tips, you have everything you need to bet on the NHL at your fingertips! And the even better news is that if you’re not yet a member, you can gain treble odds on your first bet as part of our exclusive welcome package. Whether you’re new to our site, or new to online betting as a whole, we’re sure to become your first choice for National Hockey League betting.

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